28w1d ~ Grooming

First let me say, fellow bloggers, I apologize. I am way behind on reading your updates. I promise to catch up very soon. I’ve been thinking about all of you and wondering how you’re doing!

Later this afternoon is my 28 week checkup and glucose screening. I’m not sure why, but I’m worried about the results. It’s no secret I don’t eat the best, breakfast often consists of a flavored latte and scone… I’m trying to do better with sugar-free lattes, fruit, and oatmeal. We’ll see how long this streak lasts!

Okay, so let’s get to the goods of this post. Grooming.

My doctor’s appointments are always a great reminder that grooming, even while pregnant, is important. Well, or so I think. I used to be that girl who shaved her legs every single day, yes, every day, even in the winter. I’m now like, oh, once a week is good, right?? But I’ve been making a point to shave my legs before each appointment, and with all those darn ultrasounds, well, my legs have been smooth the majority of days. I can’t say the same for other regions…

At 28 weeks I’m to the point where I can’t see below my belly, no matter how hard I try! And not to give you too much information, but with these progesterone suppositories, I feel like sometimes I need to see down there! So in the shower this morning I made my best attempt to tidy up, ya know, pretending I was going to the beach later. (Oh, if only a bikini was actually in my foreseeable future.) Well, let’s just say, it didn’t go well, or at least I don’t think it did, hard to say, since I couldn’t really admire or criticize my handy work. I just have a strange feeling that the end result will prove more embarrassing than if I’d glued Donald Trump’s toupee to my crotch…

I actually asked Eric about this last night, being he sees the private areas of his patients, both male and female, on a daily basis. He assured me I have nothing to worry about, that they’ve seen it all, and pay no attention.

So do I just give up on grooming, and caring, until after baby is born???

And OMG, it’s almost 50 ˚F and Debbie has on a winter coat and her space heater while working. WTF???

32 thoughts on “28w1d ~ Grooming

  1. I have been getting waxed!! It is nice to not have to think about it!! Because like you – I can’t see what the hell I am doing!! Blind shaving is dangerous! 😁


      1. I get a Brazilian, so yes – everything is gone!!!! But you can get just a bikini wax too. It doesn’t hurt terribly. I will say the last time I did get swollen from the waxing – I think probably the extra blood flow is to blame. But swelling was gone by the next morning.


  2. I just had a conversation with my husband about this. So being Chinese and having not grown up in the States, shaving was not a part of the culture (at least not when I was growing up). When I came here as a teenager, I didn’t catch onto the grooming culture among my friends. I would shave my armpits and my legs for the summer, but I could care less during winter time when I don’t expose them. So I often wonder about my legs and my private parts when I go to all these monitoring appointments and how the medical professionals view them. But that’s still not enough of a motivation for me to go shave. Me = lazy. 🙂


  3. I had my glucose test yesterday. I ate a low glycemic breakfast, drank the drink (cold) an hour later, and felt like I was going to vomit. Held it in so that I wouldn’t have to drink it again though. Ended up feeling like crap all day but passed easily.

    As for the grooming, I occasionally give it a blind go. I’m not really concerned about my doctors because as Eric said, they’ve seen it all. I just feel uncomfortable if I let it go for too long!


  4. Ahh yes, crotch grooming when you can’t see your crotch. Fun times! I’ve got a mini battery operated trimmer with a guard on it that I use. I haven’t had any major injuries yet. I’ve also heard that waxing is super painful because of the increased blood flow down there. wtfovaries, you are a warrior!


  5. Wax! It’s not painful one bit! At least I didn’t think so 🙂 You can ask them to wax how much or how little you would like. I always thought it would be embarrassing, but holy moly knowing your neither region is looking top-notch, worth the awkwardness of, you’re waxing my lady bits. Plus waxing lasts forever, at least I think so 🙂


  6. You know, I get waxed every 4 weeks. “[Everything] down there” and underarms. I get my legs waxed maybe 2x a year, and there is barely any hair on my legs. I’m kinda on autopilot about it. I just do it because I feel cleaner. Be careful with the shaving though!!!


      1. Okay, i’m not going to lie. It IS painful. Especially if you are not used to it – or if you wait too long in between waxes. I’ve been doing it for about 7 years consistently. The only thing, if you keep going – your hair thins out down there = less pain after awhile. Just make sure they don’t use TALCUM powder down there before they put the wax on. Talc has been known to cause ovarian cancer. I steer clear of the powder altogether!!

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  7. As a labor nurse, your husband is right, we’ve seen it all and don’t remember anything. However, I am always so grateful when a patient comes in groomed. Sometimes I get a little worried that the jungle is going to reach to my wrist where my gloves end. Now being pregnant myself and not having been able to see my nether region in a while, I completely understand! I still “try” to groom but it’s so hard when you can’t see. I have been debating on waxing but I don’t know if I could handle that pain without an epidural! 😉


  8. Omg. I had the same problem. And waxing was out of the question for me since I’m terrified of the idea. I knew and was embarrassed that things were out of control there so I had my husband trim my area. It was a silly moment for us but necessary and I only had him do it right before I went for my induction. Aye… Pregnant girl problems…


  9. I’ve never had a wax so I figure now is not a good time to start since everything is all sensitive. I have been shaving like a blind person, just going on memory. I probably have the crotch of a 90s rapper with stripes shaved in. In the beginning I could actually move my belly out of the way and see down a bit, but now that thing is HARD and does not move!

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  10. i actually lecture my teen patients not to shave so much down there – you’d cringe to see the gnarly infections i’ve seen and had to treat in that area! i trim, just to keep things neat down there, but that’s about it.


  11. Funniest post and comments I’ve read in a long time!
    I was pregnant a long time ago and honestly I don’t remember what I did to groom my lady parts. My anesthetician says you should not get your first Brazilian when your pregnant…the area is much to sensitive.
    Can I just put this out there…we as women have far too much to worry about! How much weight we gain, what we eat, and our crotches…geez!!!


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