28 Week Checkup and Turning 35

Today is slightly bitter-sweet.  I have so much happiest in my life, a wonderful family, supportive husband, cherished friendships, my health, a baby girl on the way, plans to start a new venture in July when Eric completes residency, and so much more.  But then why does the idea of turning 35 depress me?  Perhaps because I love life and look forward to so much yet to come.  The very thought of that time becoming shorter, or time with loved ones decreasing, is well, scary.  The reality of life as I know it ending is not something I’m at all prepared for anytime soon.  Maybe it’s the new life I’m creating that is teaching me how precious our time here together is…

Yes, so, today is my 35th birthday.  I remember when I thought only my parents could ever reach 35, that 35 was old…  HA, little did I know!  I’m going to try my darndest to embrace my mid to late 30s, accepting these coming years as the greatest of my life thus far!

I am working today, but celebrating with lunch out with a few close friends, and then hopefully dinner out later tonight with Eric, if he can sneak out of work before my bedtime.  Eric wanted me to pick out a glider/rocker for the baby’s room as my birthday gift, but I haven’t been able to decide on one just yet.  I was thinking maybe this weekend we’d venture out-of-town to actually try out a few in person before ordering.  We’ll see.

My 28 week check-up was all good news yesterday.  Well, I think.  I was called back to an exam room almost immediately after checking-in.  The nurse was all ready to weigh me (awesome), check my blood pressure, which was great at 115/73, and then provide me the ever coveted glucose beverage.  It was shockingly orange in color, but surprising refreshing, no sweeter than a regular Mt. Dew in my opinion.  I honestly didn’t mind it at all.  The nurse also mentioned that I was due for a Tdap booster which they like to give around this week of pregnancy, something about it protecting baby girl once she’s born.  Funny how I used to dread anything involving a needle.  IVF surely changes that!  My arm is a little sore today, but completely worth it for baby.

I met with my doctor next, we chatted a bit, I asked how to go about choosing a pediatrician and she questioned me about birth control after my delivery.  I’m a bit against going back on the pill, now knowing the hassle and time it took to actually get pregnant, but my OB stressed at least going on a progesterone-only pill since I want to breastfeed.  We also talked a little about our frozen embryo, how I’m afraid to transfer it without first retrieving more eggs as backups.  My doctor reassured me I’m not old and shouldn’t try to rush a second baby, that waiting a full year after baby girl is born before getting pregnant again would be best.  So odd to already be thinking about another!  I’m not sure how many children I see in our future, maybe I should leave that to God, but I’m hoping for at least two, preferably three or four.  Maybe ask me again though after baby girl is a few months old, maybe my ideas will have changed!

Baby girl’s heart rate was around 135 BPM, a little faster than normal, but she was on a sugar high!  My OB thinks her head is still up, but couldn’t be certain.  And finally, my belly was measured!  No ultrasound, so time to start checking growth in this manner I guess!  My belly measured 29 cm, just perfect she said for 28 weeks.

After I finished with the doctor I was sent to the lab for my glucose draw, and now I also see they rechecked my Rh factor, even though it was checked twice before I think…  I’m negative, so no injection required.  A complete blood count (CBC) was also done, but I’m not sure I understand the results, as I see a few, pictured below, are outside of the normal range.  Anyone know if the ‘normal’ range is different during pregnancy?

CBCAnd then finally my glucose results, below, which I just saw posted this morning.  I’m not sure I understand these either though…  Does the note below my result of 137 mean I’d be considered to have gestational diabetes if my result was greater than 140?  Um, I’m kind of close to that!

GlucoseMy next doctor’s appointment isn’t for a full month, when I’ll be 32 weeks.  I hope baby girl is cozy and not thinking of exiting just yet!

7 thoughts on “28 Week Checkup and Turning 35

  1. Are they having you do the 3 hour test? I have heard some doctors like it to be under 130, but it varies. I would say your hgb isn’t really that low – at my work we don’t consider third trimester hgb low until it is 11.0 or less. Hooray for 28 weeks and Happy Birthday!! =)


  2. Hopefully if they haven’t said anything about the 3 hour test, you are good to go! My practice makes you do it if you score above 139, but my friend’s practice makes you do the 3 hour if it is above 135.


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