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28w5d ~ Pre-term Labor

I’d like to write a wonderfully creative post about my experience during the past two days… but instead, I’ll just get to the point.

I worked all day yesterday, but felt different, just off, not right, tons of pelvic pressure, the same feeling I experienced a month ago.  (I even texted Eric yesterday afternoon that I thought baby girl wanted out soon…)  It being Friday I high-tailed my ass outta work at 4pm and headed home, the only thing on my mind being to change into comfy clothing and relax in bed.

I was home by 4:30, changed, and in bed before 5.  I laid on my left side thinking it was best for baby but the pressure continued to build and by 5:30 when Eric called that he was heading home from work my lower back and abdomen were in pain.  I was thinking to myself, this can’t be right… who could feel this way for eleven and a half more weeks until their due  date??  I tried walking around, stretching, laying in different positions, but nothing helped, just lots of pain, pressure, and tightness.

When Eric got home he called labor and delivery and spoke to the on-call doctor…  She suggested we come in, just as a precaution since I’m still considered high risk due to my shortened cervix.  Looking back, I really should have packed a bag!

When we arrived around 7 we were taken to a triage room in labor and delivery, I changed into a gown, a quick history was taken, and my cervix was checked.  My 1.3 cm had disappeared, nothing left, and I was dilated to 2 cm.  A very quick ultrasound was done to check baby’s heartbeat, which was great, amniotic fluid in tact, so good too, but still breech.  I moved to a labor/delivery room at that point to be admitted.  Not how I thought my Friday the 13th would turn out…

You can probably guess the next several steps.., I was hooked up to an external fetal monitor to track baby’s heart rate, and another external monitor to track contractions.  An IV was started (twice, damn tiny veins) and these nifty massaging cuffs were put around my lower legs.  I basically settled in to a very uncomfortable bed, tethered to several devices, for God only knows how long.

So the plan is this:

  • I’ve been receiving magnesium by IV since last night when I arrived in an effort to stop my contractions.  They recommend limiting this medication to only 48 hours for two reasons.  One, that’s how long the steroids take to help mature baby girl’s lungs, and two, any longer than 48 hours and magnesium has adverse effects on baby, something about thinning her bones, but don’t quote me on that!
  • I’ve also been receiving IV antibiotics and lots of fluids.  Seems fairly standard…
  • I was given the first steroid injection last night at 9pm, and the second I’ll receive tonight (Saturday) at 9pm.
  • Sunday at 9pm the magnesium will be turned off and we’ll see how my body reacts.  This does not excite me, as I have no faith that my body will obey.  I will say that my contractions have slowed since last night, but they have certainly not stopped.  Pain meds are finally working though.  Thankfully 🙂
  • I’ll for sure be in the hospital until Monday morning so they can see how I do off the magnesium.  How my body reacts though is a complete guess at this point.  There are other medications to try to stop labor, but the high risk doctor who met with us this morning doesn’t recommend them, the risks just don’t outweigh the benefits at almost 29 weeks.  She did not go into those risks and I didn’t press the issue.

I guess the real vibe I’m getting is this…  If my contractions stay calm and I don’t dilate further once off the magnesium, there is a chance I could go home, but most likely on bed rest.  The other option is delivery of baby girl if my contractions start back up Sunday evening into Monday.  They stressed that our level 4 NICU is amazing and that at 29 weeks baby girl would actually be one of the larger babies there.  Not sure this is comforting, but okay…  Side note with delivery, it would be a c-section unless she decides to flip in the next two days.  Somehow I don’t see that happening, but okay on that note too…

Eric stayed here with me last night as he has this weekend off.  Unfortunately he needs to work this week.  It’s spring break though, so the surgery schedule is light, thank goodness.  He ran home last night to get me a few necessities, and he just left again to let Kona out and shower.  As nice as it is to have him here, I guess I could deal with him sleeping at home overnight.  It’s only a few days and he snored all last night anyway!  I actually slept zero, but more because of the contractions and pain.  I expect to zonk out soon.

I guess physically I’m okay.  The contractions were rough last night but tolerable now, as I’m fairly certain all my pain meds have worn off.  The magnesium makes you feel super warm though, like burning up!  I’ll be glad when it’s turned off tomorrow evening.  Oh, and no showering.  WTF.  I feel nasty and icky and I’m sure I look even worse.  And my legs haven’t been shaved.  And I didn’t get a pedi!  I needed more time, that’s for sure!

Emotionally, I don’t know…  I like knowing what’s to come, having a schedule, so it’s killing me that we left last night, rather in a hurry, very unprepared to not return for a undetermined amount of time.  Being I take care of everything at home, well, I assume many of you can imagine how I feel right now.  And I need to email my boss.  What does one say when they have zero idea what the future holds?

I’ll end here for now, not that I don’t have more to say, but because I think I need some sleep, having been up now well over 24 hours now.  I know several close friends have offered to visit, and I’d love to see you, I really would, but let me see how I’m feeling after I get some sleep 🙂

I’ll update again soon.

26 thoughts on “28w5d ~ Pre-term Labor

  1. I’m hoping that your little girl stays put for as long as possible!! Sending you lots of love and best wishes.

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers your way! So scary but it sounds like your team has a good plan in place.

  3. Thinking of you and baby girl! Hopes the meds work, she stays put and you are able to go home. Hang in there Momma!

  4. Relieved that you are in good hands with a wonderful NICU, though I know that’s only mildly comforting. Thinking of you and baby and wishing you smooth days ahead.🙏👶🙏

  5. Sending good thoughts and hope that contractions stop. I’ll take your 2cm dilated though! 😉

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you and baby girl!

  7. This sounds incredibly familiar to what I went through with Bella at 26 weeks. You sound like you are actually tolerating the magnesium pretty well! And at least you don’t have to pee into a bed pan because your catheter is too big ;-). Talk about feeling gross without being able to shower!!

    Hope the mag is able to stop progression and that you can go home to a month of bed rest!

    1. It is strange I’d actually prefer a catheter? I hate having to call for help every hour when I have to pee!

  8. wow. intense. i really hope things calm down and baby girl can stay put for a bit longer. i’ll be thinking of you.

  9. Hi – I am a friend of Alysha’s and we sat next to each other at her shower a few weeks ago. She sent me your link. I am so sorry to hear that your are experiencing preterm labor. My water broke with twin A (Jeremiah) at 28 weeks and 2 days. I got started on Mag and got a steroid shot at our local hospital, and then took an ambulance to UIHC. I got my second shot 12 hours later, because my contractions were not slowing, even with the mag and an additional drug to stop labor. I delivered 60 hours later at 28 weeks and 4 days. Baby B was transverse, but I was still able to have a vaginal delivery in the OR (bc of the twins). I hope that the mag and the rest will work for you, and you can keep cooking that little girl for a few more days or weeks! But, you are in good hands if that is not the case! The steroid shots do an amazing job encouraging the baby’s lungs to develop! It worked wonders for my babies! The babies stayed at UIHC for 52 days, a few in level 1, a few in level 2, and mostly in level 5, just learning to breathe and eat on their own. (We probably stayed a little longer than necessary since we were working on nursing and not just bottle feeding) Avani (twin B) had a harder time – she was intubated for a few days before coming to CPAP and oxygen cannula. She had a few days of being “NPO” or nothing by mouth before starting some breastmilk. She had an Atriel Septal Defect that is already healed! She had some hemmorages behind her eyes that will cause no long term issues and she got a UTI in the NICU. But even her journey was fairly smooth. Jeremiah was never intubated and got breastmilk in his feeding tube right away and some drops in his mouth a few days later. He has no challenges besides breathing and eating! I don’t mean to make it sounds like its not challenging – there were certainly many ups and down – but overall UIHC is such a fantastic place to be in this situation. If baby girl comes early you can be super involved in her care in thE NICU, they are supportive of learning to breastfeed and they will educate you and help you feel involved in medical decisions. I cannot say enough good things about how me and my babies were treated there. Good luck! Sending hugs!

    1. Oh, thank you so much for this encouragement!!! There is lots I’d like to say and ask right now, but might have to save that for another day, as I’m seriously lacking sleep right now. Thank you again!!!

      1. No problem! Feel free to reach out to me. Alysha can give you my person email address and cell phone number if you have questions!

        1. Thank you for the ‘friend’ on Facebook. I’ll probably have some questions for you at some point, when my brain calms down and I can think of the questions! Oh, and your twins are BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Oh I would have preferred one too but I had an awful experience (a nurse friend later told me they probably gave me one the wrong size). And they only require the catheter/bed pan while you are on the mag.

  11. Oh goodness I was not expecting to read this! I’ll be hoping for the best! I remember all too well being stuck in bed for days before getting a shower. It kind of sucks, I won’t lie. It’s good though that you’re in the hospital and being monitored!

    I hope baby girl decides to stay put for a while and come closer to your due date!

  12. How scary! I’m glad you’re in good hands and hopefully you can keep baby girl cooking a little longer.

  13. Oh sweetheart I am so sorry this is not going according to plan. I am so glad you are getting quality care and baby girl is doing well despite all of this mayhem. I am holding you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. oh no! so sorry to hear, and i hope you get to go home in a couple days! 29 weeks isn’t bad at all in the NICU. keeping fingers crossed for you! yes, long-term mag is bad for baby’s bones. it’s still debatable whether it actually helps stop preterm labor, but the idea is that it reduces risk of cerebral palsy at <32 weeks gestation. get some rest!

  15. Praying for you Stef!!

  16. I hope the mag works!! I will be thinking about you!!

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about your pre-term labor. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get some rest tonight!

  18. Thinking of you!!!

  19. OK, I’m thinking about you and your little girl. Sleep, sleep, sleep if you can. I have faith you are in good hands. I’ll keep checking on you.

  20. Sending positive vibes, love, luck, encouragement and strength. Sounds like you have a great staff in place. Sometimes things are for the best when not planned. Even if you packed a bag of bet you’d be like me and send hubby home several times to retrieve other items. But damn for the pedi and no shower. Lol. Make him bring you an electric shaver and out him to work 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you and your baby girl.

  21. Sending positive thoughts your way that you are able to go home and the baby stays put at least a few more weeks! Childbirth is amazing in that with all of our planning, preparation, and modern medicine we still have limited control over what happens. Nothing about my birth went according to plan, but thankfully it was all ok in the end. And you know I really worried about not being able to shower and shave too (due to surgery.) I know that no one held it against me, but man I felt gross!

  22. I hope the magnesium works and you’re able to keep baby girl inside for a bit longer. Thinking of you x

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