30w0d – It’s Been a Week!

How is Nora a week old already?? 

She’s doing really awesome!  She had her brain scan today and it’s normal, meaning no brain bleeds were found.  She was transitioned to an even smaller CPAP nasal cannula, is finished with the bili lights, and gained almost an oz!  She’s at 2lb. 9oz. now, so still not back up to her birth weight, but they aren’t concerned since she is gaining.  She was also transitioned to an incubator, which at first seemed like a step back to me, but they assured me it’s better for her, that it’s progress.  They said preemies really can’t handle a lot of stimulation.  The open bed she was in was really just for easy access when she needed so much care.  Now that she is more stable the incubator is better.  So lots of progress! 

And the best news…  I got to hold her today!  I was scared at first, but honestly, it was wonderful.  Although I’ll admit, it wasn’t at all how I always pictured holding my daughter.  I held her for about an hour, the nurse helped with the cords and basically just laid her on my chest.  Nora slept the majority of the time, but did open her eyes a few times.  She had one hand on my neck and the other holding onto my bra strap… so sweet.  I just sat there a bit in disbelief that she is really mine.  Is it just going to hit me someday that I have a daughter?  I really wish Eric could have been with me today when I held her…  I guess I just always pictured him there, the three of us, a complete family. 

Eric is back to his regular schedule now, so I doubt I’ll see much of him, which saddens me. He only has 98 more days of residency though!! Hopefully it goes quickly!

I’m still pumping every 2 hours during the day and 3 at night. And still feeling a bit overwhelmed with it. I’m looking at the piles of laundry here and wondering how I do it all. And we need groceries…  Out and about is troublesome as I’m constantly wondering where I’ll pump next. Today I experimented in my car… I might end up living outta my car soon!

Thank you again for all the encouragement and well wishes. Eric and I feel extremely blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life!

12 thoughts on “30w0d – It’s Been a Week!

  1. Soooo glad she is doing so well!!

    One tip I read about pumping is to keep your pump parts in the refrigerator during the day. That way you don’t have to wash them each time you use them. And if you aren’t filling a bottle each time, just keep it all attached.

    Also, my friend used something called freemies for pumping in the car- you stick them in your bra and they collect the milk that way. Might be easier for car pumping!

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  2. I love it. it completely makes my heart melt!! She is gorgeous and by the photos, I would never guess that she was 2lb9oz. Even when she was born, it blew my mind on how she looked like a BABY at 29 weeks. Continuing to think of you guys and send blessings. Also, love the name Nora!!


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