30w1d – Day of life 8

Nora took a few steps back today…  And I know they warned us of this, told us this is how it goes, that they expect it.  But that doesn’t make me feel much better…

The day started well, but she spit up almost 100% of her morning feeding.  And yes, babies spit up, but she hasn’t been, so they thought it was odd.  Then, she’s been having several spells an hour where her heart rate drops.  It comes right back up on its own within a few seconds, but still worrisome.  Also, she’s been acting uncomfortable, making some grunting noises which the doctors say is a sign she needs a bit more oxygen support.

So earlier today they switched back to her larger nasal cannual.  She is still breathing room air, but the CPAP pressure is just a little greater, basically what she was on a few days ago.  It’s possible they just got too excited and lowered her pressure too soon.

A few minutes ago her doctor called me to say they drew blood and tested her urine and her C-reactive protein (CRP) is elevated, meaning she has an infection.  She is starting back on an antibiotic, but they also want to check her spinal fluid to make sure she isn’t developing meningitis.

I feel awful for her… everything they are putting her through.  And of course I feel responsible, her being born early.  She certainly doesn’t deserve to suffer…

I was at the hospital today from 8:30am to around 2pm when Eric came to see her.  I ran and got some groceries, feeling like I needed to do a ‘normal’ life activity.  I’m planning to go back up to the hospital soon to see how she’s doing.  I’d love to hold her again, but maybe not the best idea since she isn’t feeling well.

This is so much harder than I imagined…

18 thoughts on “30w1d – Day of life 8

  1. I’m so sorry you (and Nora) is going through all of this. I’m sure you feel helpless and wish there was more you can do. Will continue to pray for her. She seems to be a tough cookie. **hugs**


  2. I’m so sorry that she is having a few setbacks. I have faith though that this is just a couple bumps in the road and she’ll be doing better very soon! If you need anything at all let me know! I’ll be coming through again Sunday so I’m happy to help you out anyway I can! Thinking of you and Nora!

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