30w3d – Day of Life 10

Why do they call it day of life 10 anyway?  Wasn’t she alive long before last Monday???

Nora is doing well today.  She’s crying a bit more, which breaks my heart since I can’t hold her to comfort, but they say crying is a good sign, a sign she has more energy.  She’s keeping her feedings down with residuals (the amount left undigested in her stomach) of just 2.2cc, her threshold is 2cc.  I assume this will improve over time.  Nora is still breathing room air with a CPAP at just 5 RAM, 21% oxygen.  Besides her PICC line though, she now also has an IV in each arm to administer the antibiotics for meningitis.  I feel so bad for her…  She will have continued lumbar punctures as well to make sure the infection is clearing her spinal fluid, and blood draws as well, since the infection is there too.  Nora LOVES her binkie, but tends to drop her heart rate when she’s relaxed with it in her mouth.  The doctors aren’t too worried, saying drops in heart rate are very common in babies her age.

So a quiet day…  Antibiotics will be given for at least 21 days, so for now, we wait, and pray they work.  She did gain weight again, but now I forget how much, 25g comes to mind.  But then again, with my brain going every which way lately, that could be way off.

The not so great news is me.  I’ve felt awful since last night, terrible, terrible stomach/lower abdomen pains, constant cramps which are worse when I press on my abdomen, or whenever I’m moving really.  Getting in and out of chairs is difficult, as is walking.  I also now feel like I might have a slight temp as I feel a bit chilled, and you know how warm it is in these NICU rooms!!!  Nothing I have better be contagious, as I’ve been here all morning.  Granted, I’ve been washing and sanitizing my hands like crazy, but still…  I have an appointment at 2pm this afternoon to figure out my pain.  The nurse on the phone though my symptoms sounded like a bowel obstruction, but how can they tell over the phone…  Hopefully it’s not something serious, as I certainly don’t have time to be sick right now.

6 thoughts on “30w3d – Day of Life 10

  1. Feel better! Keep us posted on how you’re feeling and what your doctor says.
    Thank you for the update on Nora. Baby steps…each day will your sweet girl will take baby steps in her progress. xoxo

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