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I give up

I saw my OB/GYN. My uterus is infected. Like what else? Has anyone else had an infected uterus?? I’m being readmitted for IV antibiotics. Hopefully I feel better within 24 hours. 

The good news, I’ll have a bed close to Nora tonight, and since I can’t give her this, I can still come see her!

17 thoughts on “I give up

  1. Ugh I’m sorry you are going through all of this. Those IV antibiotics are strong and hopefully you and Nora will clear up quickly.

  2. Not fun, but you are definitely looking at the bright side! You have something that she can’t get and you get to be super close to her!

  3. I hope those antibiotics do the trick and quickly, you don’t need to deal with fighting an infection on top of everything else.

  4. No like. But bright side is that you will be near Nora. 🙂

  5. Ugh. How awful! I hope the meds work quickly! You deserve a break – praying you get one!

    1. Do these things only happen to me??

      1. No. But you do seem to have gotten the short end of the stick this time! ; only place to go is up? !

  6. Praying for you and Nora. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  7. Hey there…Doesn’t just happen to you 🙂 I had an infected uterus with my first born, three + years ago (it caused my infertility with our second – as it left the uterus with a load of scarring, and goop (I have fabulous photos from the Lap where they discovered the problems left behind two years later) and the scarring blocked both tubes as well…. Unfortunately for us, they didn’t get our little boy out until after the infection had taken hold in me (suspect it was from leaking fluids) so he was unwell too. I had 8 days on IV antibiotics. He was in Neonates (we call it NICU) for 8 days as well – he came off a little worse than I did as our body’s are well equipped to fight the good fight when it comes to infections, but little ones need a little more help – but he’s a gorgeous little guy despite the battles early on – no effect once we were discharged…..After antibiotics I was fine – to be honest I didn’t really feel like I was overly unwell, it was only during the c-section they found it. Only thing I will say – when I got the infection and it was treated – no one told me that it could mean the uterus needs cleaning up before trying to get pregnant again, or that it can cause blocked tubes – and IVF certainly fixed the problem for us, but I needed the uterus fixed up and primed for a pregnancy first… I’m not a Dr or expert – but that was our experience… would always pay to ask if you’re considering another pregnancy (not top of your list I know…but we went two years without realising all of that caused the problem we had!). This pregnancy I have an Ob that’s keeping a very close eye on things in case it happens again…but so far, so good
    Thinking of you both….hope you are both on the mend quickly xxx

    1. Oh gosh, thank you for sharing… I had no idea there were long term effects to this. I’ll be sure to ask my doctor a lot of questions at my next checkup. Thank you!

  8. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hope your infection clears up and that Nora gets stronger every day.

  9. Oh Stef, I am so sorry! Hopefully you feel better soon!

  10. oh no! hope you’re feeling better very soon!

  11. During the height of my NICU craziness, my c section scar wouldn’t stop bleeding… Thought it was infected. Ended up having to go to the ER late at night one night which was just so frustrating because it was taking me from my babies and I was beyond exhausted. It was just one more layer of awfulness to deal with. So not just you if that’s any consolation.

  12. Oh dear! Get well soon, both of you!

  13. Sorry you have an infection, but yay for being closer to Nora!

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