30w4d – Day of Life 11

This is so hard, the constant worry, the uncertainly, the guilt, not being able to comfort my daughter…  It all just sucks.  I honestly don’t know how people get through this.  I guess one day at time, which is what I’m trying to focus on now.  I feel so helpful though, still just standing by Nora’s incubator, wondering if she’s in pain and hoping that somehow this all turns out well in the end.

I was admitted yesterday afternoon with what they believe to be an infection in my uterus.  They find it odd that I was prefectly fine for a week after delivery before I developed this infection…  My temp at admission was 102 something, but thankfully that is down now.  I was started on IV antibiotics, so I should be feeling better later today.  And I was able to get some sleep here last night, just waking every three hours to pump.  I’m told I’ll be released once I’ve been fever free to 24 hours.  So hopefully tomorrow (Saturday) sometime.

Nora had progress, but some setbacks as well in the past 24 hours.  Her tiny body is trying really hard to fight the meningitis, and therefore she’s been pretty worn out and having more spells where her heart rate drops or she forgets to breath.  These are normal in a preemie they tell me, but she was just having more and more since she’s weaker, and thus they decided to intubate her this morning.  As much as I feel like this is yet another setback, they tell me it isn’t forever, just until she’s a little stronger.  The machines breathing for her will help her body focus on healing faster.  She seems to be resting comfortably now, as she was sedated as well to help her relax.

An MRI of her brain is scheduled for later today to check for signs of seizures or any damage from past seizures or the meningitis.  They are also planning to start a 24 hour video EEG, also to observe for seizures.  I’m so hoping she’s not having seizures, as that would indicate perhaps more issues later in her life related to development, hearing, or learning.

Some good news, she is up to 1330 g, or 2.93 lbs. which is almost back to her birth weight of 2.94 lbs.  They are holding breast milk feedings for the time being, but she is still receiving IV nourishment.  Also, her CRP was lower today for the first time, showing that her body is fighting the infection.

21 thoughts on “30w4d – Day of Life 11

  1. Glad to hear that her weight is up and that her little body is fighting the infection. I can imagine having her intubated was incredibly difficult,
    but I’m hopeful it will allow her body to focus on healing like you said. We are all praying for you!


  2. Ugh — a uterine infection on top of everything else :(. A friend just had this about a week after her delivery and she felt better after a day or so of antibiotics, so I hope you can recover quickly as well. Thanks for the update on Miss Nora! It sounds there are a lot of positives to celebrate with the lower CRP and weight gain. I’ve been praying for Nora this afternoon and hoping for good news at the MRI.


    1. Thank you again for the prayers. We received the MRI results a bit ago, and they were normal, so that was really encouraging. I would say I feel a little better from the antibiotics, but certainly not perfect yet. Hopefully I feel a lot better tomorrow and I can get out of here!

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  3. Way to go fighting that infection little girl! Totally makes sense that they don’t want to challenge her with breathing or digesting – they can “do that for her” while she focused on fighting the infection! It’s hard but try to take it one day (or segment of the day!) at a time! Are you feeling physically better?


    1. I guess I saw the intubation as a setback, but I’ll try to remember she can breath on her own, but it’s easier if she doesn’t have to. I am feeling much better today. I still have some tenderness in my abdomen, but overall, I’m a lot better. They mentioned me getting out of here this afternoon, so I hope that actually happens now that I’ve gotten my hopes up!

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      1. Yup the whole breathing thing how up and down. For example, in 4-6 weeks she may be fully off oxygen but then when Breast or bottle feeding “clicks” she may expend so much energy on eating that she needs oxygen support again. It’s not a BAD thing because it means she is learning to eat the “normal” way – but it can feel like a set back to the parents. It happened with both the twins. Hope you get out today!


          1. I think that’s normal because there are so many ups and downs. It really is a roller coaster. You have already proven you are stronger than you knew you were with everything you have made it through!!


  4. Hoping you’re starting to feel better today. Praying your fever is staying down, sleep is improving, and the antibiotics are doing their magic!


      1. I hope you got your discharge papers yesterday!
        I’ve been thinking about how much Nora and mommy have had to fight for good health. Girls are strong and fight like it’s our job…you both are so amazing!


  5. Still thinking and praying for you. Sweet baby Nora will pull thorough this because of the love from you and Eric and that amazing team of doctors. My dear friend’s baby battled meningitis as well an he did have seizures BUT was successfully treated in 3 weeks at Riley’s Children Hospital in Indy. I pray everyday for Nora.


      1. That IS fantastic news. Compared to most preemies her age she is doing AMAZING with her breathing. My uncle (a pediatric surgeon) believes you have a strong baby girl with 100% chance of winning at all. I don’t know you but I spoke with him about your story and think of you everyday. Xx


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