32w4d – Day of Life 25

Great news, Nora is up to 3 lbs 12 oz.  And even better news… they are removing her oxygen today!  I’m so excited.  Scared though too, hopefully she does okay…  I know they can always put it back on it they need to.  But still, a big milestone for her!

For feedings she’s still at 25 cc every 4 hours as the past few days she’s had larger than expected residuals, or the amount left in her belly, undigested, at the start of the next feed.  She’s allowed 10% of the feed, so 2.5 cc, but lately it’s been closer to 4 or 5 cc.  Currently all of the breast milk goes into her belly through her feeding tube at once, well, it takes about 5 minutes.  They are changing it so it’s on a pump to flow into her belly over an hour.  I’m thinking this will be much better for her.  I mean, what preemie eats their entire meal in 5 minutes?  If I ate an entire meal in 5 minutes I probably would spit some up too!

Here is a photo of Miss Nora waking up this morning 🙂 FullSizeRender (4)

18 thoughts on “32w4d – Day of Life 25

  1. Oh my goodness look at Nora’s precious face! She’s really fattening up!
    I think using the pump is a great idea. My thought…if she was bottle or breast feeding there’s no way she would eat in 5 minutes. Her tiny belly needs time to process and digest! Keep us posted.


  2. I am always so grateful for these updates and the good news especially. I have been telling the Mr about you and Nora and was so happy to report more good news this time. Nora is filling out by the looks of things, which is so great to see. How are you feeling?


    1. I thought I was feeling fine until last night… My left breast starting hurting terribly. I took some Advil and that helped, but I woke up this morning and one side of it is all red. So I’m here in the NICU and I had a nurse look at it who thought it was mastitis. So then a resident looks at it and says, well, since you don’t have a fever it can’t be mastitis. Even though I told him I took Advil for the pain and I’m still on Cipro for my uterine infection. Isn’t it possible those are masking a fever?? Ugh.

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      1. Yes. Totally possible for the Advil to mask a fever, not sure about Cipro. It sounds like it could very well be mastitis. Can you see another doctor? I’m sorry this is happening. One thing after another! 😦


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