I just want to complain, as I’m so sick of pain.  I know, no one ever said having a child was pain-free, but I’m so over it.  I’m over the complications.

So first, I’m still on Cipro as a precaution for the e coli they found in my retained placental tissue.  I think I have maybe three more days of that, as a week of treatment was prescribed.

Than, last night I developed this AWFUL pain in my left breast.  I thought maybe I hadn’t emptied it well enough, so at 11 pm last night, the last time I pump before going to bed, I pumped extra on that side, thinking that would take away the pain.  Well, it didn’t, and it was quite painful to pump on that side.  Eric suggested I try some Advil for the pain, which helped, and I was able to get some sleep.  Well, aside from getting up at 3 am to pump again 🙂

This morning when I woke that breast was still quite tender, and so I took another dose of Advil.  While I was pumping this morning though I noticed the outside portion of that breast is quite red, which seemed alarming.  My plan was to come to the NICU to see Nora anyway, so once I got here I called to speak with the OB resident on call.

Long story short, the nurse who first examined me through I have mastitis.  Then the OB resident, a male, who knows my husband and his brother quite well (awesome) examined me.  Awkward!  His take was that since I don’t have systemic symptoms, such as a fever, body aches, flu-like symptoms, I don’t have mastitis.  So I was sent away with no drugs.  I’m wondering though, isn’t it possible the Advil and Cipro are keeping away a fever?  I so hope this doesn’t get worse!

In other news, Nora is completely off oxygen!  So awesome to see her face with less tape and tubing!  And she’s up to 1,750 grams, as she gained 40 grams overnight!  This picture was taken this morning after she finished her breakfast.

FullSizeRender (5)

26 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Awww she is beautiful! Sorry you are having such a rough go right now. People don’t often talk about how painful it can be AFTER childbirth! In my case it was recovering from unexpected surgery AND 5 hours pushing a baby stuck you know where! Hang in there!!


  2. Every time I see a picture of your little Nora I am so delighted to see how much better she keeps looking! She is simply adorable.
    Also, I’m sorry you are still struggling so much with your complications! I so hope you get better ASAP, because you so don’t need to keep dealing with all this.


  3. Love her smile!! I hope your breast pain goes away! I am not an expert, but it does sound like it could be mastitis. Keep an eye on it for sure!


  4. Sounds like mastitis to me. I had it multiple times with each kid. Take advil for the pain and also it will help with the blockage because reduces inflammation. Also try the supplement Leichten I think it helps with clogs in the future. I would also increase the pumping on the painful side and use lots or heat and massage before and during the pump. Sorry it sucks and you have enough going g on already. I produced a lot of milk and it seems like you are too so this is what happens. Hang in there.


  5. First, that photo of Nora is darling. She looks so content! Second, as I said, Advil could mask fever and flu like symptoms. Also, if mastitis were just getting rolling you might not yet have the full array of symptoms. I would see another MD. So sorry you keep having one hiccup after another.

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  6. First I have to say how perfectly precious Nora is! Her cheeks are really filling out!
    OK…as soon as I read your post I immediately thought that the Advil is masking your flu-like symptoms. Also, Cipro can be used to treat mastitis, but if you’re not taking the correct dose for the mastitis it won’t treat the infection fully.
    I’m so sorry you can’t catch a break. 😦 Call your OB on Monday if you’re not improving. You don’t want the infection to get worse.


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