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33w0d – Day of Life 28

I made it four weeks in the NICU.  I know, many are there so much longer, but 28 days has felt like forever to me…  I can only hope that at some point in the next four weeks we’ll be able to bring our baby girl home 🙂

Below are some updates.  Sorry for the bullet points, I’m sooo tired but still wanted to get some information out to you 🙂

  • Nora weighs 1,830 grams now, which is 4 pounds!
  • Feeds were increased to 28 cc every four hours.  These are still given through her feeding tube and on a pump over 1 hour.  Her residuals have been okay, sometimes she has very little, other times up to 4 cc.
  • Caffeine was increased today to help her continue to grow… although I can’t remember the dose now.
  • Previously we’ve been relying on glycerin suppositories most days for Nora’s bowel movements, but good news, she’s had several the past few days on her own!
  • Still breathing room air, no oxygen support, and doing awesome!
  • Today was day 20 of antibiotics for her meningitis.  Tomorrow will be the final day of meds and then Thursday or Friday another lumbar puncture will be done to make sure the meningitis is out of her blood and spinal fluid.  I’m hoping once the antibiotics are complete tomorrow they can remove her PICC line.  The less cords and wires the better!
  • Wednesday morning Nora will have an eye exam, which I’m told is routine for preemies.  Her eyes will be dilated and then some nasty, awful looking torture device will be used to examine her.  The doctors told me it’s probably best if I’m not present…
  • Friday her thyroid will be rechecked as apparently preemies are known to have thyroid issues.  Hers was normal at birth, but they want to recheck just to make sure.
  • Slowly the air temperature in her isolette is being lowered.  I think we have 2 more degrees for the temperature to be lowered, and if she can keep her own temperature constant, she’ll be moved to a crib!  No idea how quickly this could happen though…
  • And finally, we were officially approved today to start breastfeeding!  Now don’t get too excited…  I gather this process is more involved than I realize.  For right now she is allowed to ‘try’ to breastfeed once every twelve hours, although she will still get all feeds through her feeding tube for the time being.  We tried for the first time at her 2:00 feeding this afternoon, and I’m pleased to say she did very well, the nurse was very impressed with her.  I was told ahead of time not to expect too much from her, that many preemies don’t know what to do, or won’t do anything at all…  Well, she was a champ!  She knew exactly what to do!  She had her mouth wide open and she latched and even started sucking a few times.  Now granted, she is not strong enough at this point to actually get any milk and she was easily distracted, but it was still a huge step forward for her!  We plan to try again tomorrow at her 2:00 feeding again.  Nora’s nurse helped me today, but I’m hoping one of the lactation consultants can stop by some day this week and help as well.

So yes, another day complete.  And time to pump again…  My Milk Maid app tells me I’ve pumped 204 times for a total of 840 oz.  My freezer is going to be full soon!

11 thoughts on “33w0d – Day of Life 28

  1. I’m so glad she really seems to be progressing well! Hope all the tests go well this week and that nursing continues to go well.

  2. So glad to hear little Miss Nora is doing well! Sounds like she is going to have a busy week, good luck with all the tests! How are you feeling?

    1. I’m good! Well, my nipples feel like my pump has teeth, but I’m told that’s to be expected. So otherwise I’m good! Just so anxious to get out of here!

  3. Yay Nora! I’m so impressed at your exclusive pumping and glad you get to start nursing!

  4. This is a lovely update! Nora is getting bigger, last day of antibiotics, no oxygen, temperature is getting lower in her isolette, starting breast feeding…yay!!! This is wonderful news. Keeping Nora in my thoughts for negative spinal tap, and good thyroid and eye exams. Big things on the horizon for your little lady!

    1. Yes, I feel like we are making progress. I’m so ready to get out of here!

  5. That is awesome! What a great day you had yesterday!

    1. Yes! Is there anything I can do to speed up this process though??

  6. This is all so wonderfully promising! I’m so glad and relieved.

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