33w2d – Day of Life 30

  • Nora is up to 4lbs. 3oz. and her feeds were increased to 34cc. every 4 hours, which is almost 7oz. a day!  Well, if I did the math right 🙂
  • Eye exam this morning went well;, the results showed her eyes are immature as they would expect in a preemie her age.  They will recheck again in two weeks.
  • Antibiotics for meningitis were stopped yesterday and lumbar puncture (LP) is scheduled for tomorrow.  I so hope the illness doesn’t return…
  • If LP is good tomorrow they will remove her PICC line.  (Yeah, one more cord gone!)
  • Still working on lowering the temperature in her bed.  Apparently this is a slow process…  Thankfully I don’t know a single adult in an isolette, so the crib will come, in time.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my post yesterday regarding breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.  I know I didn’t respond individually to each of you, but please know I read every comment and truly appreciate the insight and advice.  I did talk to our nurse, nurse practitioner, and lactation consultant today…  And the advice was all very similar.  They thought more than likely Nora will go home needing a few bottles a day of my milk fortified.  I expressed my concerns for wanting Nora to take to both breastfeeding and a bottle, and everyone agreed it would be best to keep up the breastfeeding efforts for the time being, give her longer to learn this process, and then later add in bottles.  I’m fine with this for now, but I know that if breastfeeding holds us back from going home, I will certainly push for bottles, if only to get us out of here faster.

I still have a personal goal for us to be out of here by May 15th, two weeks before Nora’s due date.  That gives us 29 more days.  We’re halfway there!


6 thoughts on “33w2d – Day of Life 30

  1. Praying for a negative LP. Miss Nora is definitely heading in the right direction. Growing stronger, bigger and eating better every day! Stay away yucky germs and bugs…Nora needs to come home ASAP!


  2. its so good to hear she is doing well. it’s also good to hear that you’re doing well. I truly admire your courage and strength during this stage of Nora’s development. I think of you guys often and continue to pray for you both to go home healthy and SOON!


  3. ADORABLE BABY!!!! She is wonderful. Clearly you are doing a terrific job despite all the unreasonable set backs you have both faced!
    Know it feels like forever right now re her being in the hospital…but over her childhood it is only an eyelash flicker of a moment. It gets better and easier and all will be well.


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