33w6d – Day of Life 34

Something about the weekends in the NICU…  They seem calmer, more relaxed… and I have my favorite nurse today, Lindsey!

First though, yesterday.  Yesterday was a good day!  The days go so much faster when Eric can join me in the NICU with Nora.  This rarely to never happens during the week, but yesterday, being Saturday, Eric was able to spend a few hours here with Nora and me.  And even better, my mom was able to join us too!  It’s so awesome seeing my mom hold and interact with Nora, very special 🙂  For awhile I didn’t know if such a day would ever come… so happy it’s here!

So the facts:

  • Weight: 2,040 grams (4 lbs. 7 oz.)
  • Tube Feedings: 46cc every 4 hours over 30 mins (9.3 oz. per 24 hours)
  • Breastfeeding: We’re still in phase 1, so Nora is allowed to try breastfeeding once per shift, or twice per 24 hours.  I’m not sleeping in the NICU though, so we try just once per day, either with her 10am or 2pm feeding.  This morning she did really well, nursed for 5-6 mins total with a nipple shield.  I’m anxious to move to bay 5 so we can nurse more often.  More on bay 5 below.
  • Caffeine: Dose was increased yesterday and I assume this continues until closer to when we go home.
  • Meningitis Status: We are still awaiting the results from the lumbar puncture done Thursday afternoon.  So far the culture showed no growth at 48 hours.  It’s my understanding the lab is waiting a full 72 hours to call the results final, at which time her PICC line will be removed, so later today or tomorrow.  One less wire!
  • Respiratory: Room air, no oxygen support
  • Temperature: Nora’s been holding her temperature stable with her bed set to 29.2 C.  I believe we need to get the bed temp down closer to 28 C before she’ll be moved to a crib.  I’m not worried about this, it will happen in time.
  • Location: We are still in Bay 3 but I’ve heard rumors that once her PICC line is removed we’ll be moved to Bay 5, the last stop here before home!  I’m anxious for this, as it’s my understanding Bay 5 rooms are larger, more private, have TVs, bathrooms, beds, etc.  I haven’t been sleeping over in the NICU yet, but I might start to consider it once we’re moved.  I know eventually I’ll need to be nursing her for every feeding, well, unless we also incorporate bottles, which I’m okay with.  We’ll see…  Eric isn’t much, if any, help at home, and our puppy can’t be alone day and night, so going home has been essential so far.  And frankly, I like the time away, time to feel normal.  Although it’s this time away that always makes me feel incredibly guilty for leaving my daughter alone in the hospital…

Time here in the NICU is slow, and lonely.  When Nora is sleeping, which seems to be close to 22 hours a day, I blog, read other’s blogs, listen to audio books, or read, ya know, the old fashion way!  I’m reading two books right now, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and Exclusively Pumping.  Honestly, the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is kind of pissing me off…  It seems VERY one-sided, not really taking into account all the reasons why a woman might not be able to exclusively breastfeed.  I’m not finished with it yet, but so far it’s told me I won’t form a bond with my child if I don’t breastfeed, and my body won’t build an adequate supply if I choose to pump.  I know everyone has their opinions, but as I’ve said before, I’m not concerned how Nora gets my milk, just that she gets it.  If breastfeeding takes off for us, fine, if I have to pump and feed her bottles, I’m fine with that too.  My preference would be a combination of both, but we’ll see.  I’m trying not to get too stressed about it yet.  I just started the Exclusively Pumping book, but so far the author has a more open mind, sharing facts and such, but not pressing her opinions either way.

Nora will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, 35 days in the NICU.  I’m not giving up my May 15th goal just yet, so just 25 more days here I pray!

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8 thoughts on “33w6d – Day of Life 34

  1. The rumors about moving are very exciting! Progress is one more little step towards the big goal of discharge home!
    Your attitude about breast feeding/pumping is perfect. Nora will get the right nutrition regardless of the route. Bonding won’t be an issue either, considering the amount of time you spend with her each and every day. xoxo


  2. I love reading these updates and they seem to be getting more and more positive each time, which is fantastic. I really do not like that some women make breast-feeding such a polarizing issue. As if women don’t have enough judgment and face enough discrimination in the world as it is. 😦


  3. Looks like Nora is doing so, so well!!! What an adorable smile :). Try not to let any person or book make you feel guilty or angry about your breastfeeding decisions! (I feel the same way about discussions about C-sections…every situation is unique, so blanket assessments of which option is “better” for a baby really don’t apply to my specific scenario.) Happy 5 week birthday to Nora!!!


  4. I read the Womanly Art when my daughter was new…. 45 years ago. SO I am certain it is outdated in that at that time nursing was having a low point in American fashion and Nestle was making bucks selling its formula which was not legal to sell in this country to third world countries without clean water. Formula was still considered “higher class” and other things. SO the book is and was rabid in promoting nursing. I have two grand children; one was nursed and the other adopted at birth and therefore formula fed (Not nestle product!) BOTH ARE TOTALLY BONDED AND HEALTHY and adored. So you ARE 100% correct in your opinions and reactions. I am very very pleased to see what a bright and sensible woman you are.
    Thank you for continuing to post and letting us share in the joys of your daughter and marvel and take hope in her strength too. Very best wishes to you all…


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