A Step Back

Just when I thought everything was going so well…

The NICU called me around 6 this morning to say Nora wasn’t doing so well. We don’t know much yet as we’re still waiting for a bunch of tests to come back, including another LP. She seems to have pain in her belly along with diarrhea. They suspect rotavirus but the test won’t be back until tonight. And of course, whenever she’s not feeling well she works so hard to breath so they’re intubating her now. 

I hate to see her like this but once she gets the pain meds she’ll be able to rest and sleep the rest of today. 

I’ll update when I know more…

24 thoughts on “A Step Back

  1. Stefanie I am so sorry, I know how crushing setbacks can be. I’ll say and extra prayer for you! Remember if you need anything let Amy or I Know!


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