LP Results

So far we have back preliminary LP results which show no organisms. This hopefully means the meningitis is not back. 

Sadly though we’re back in bay 1 where she can have more constant care. And here I thoughts we’d be in bay 4 today…

Nora is resting right now as she was through a lot today so far…

She was intubated and is currently on a jet which I’m told is more gentle on her lungs. 

She had two IV’s placed for access. One of which is being used right now to give her a blood transfusion. Her hemoglobin was low, which they think was due to all the blood taken in the past several hours for tests. Preemies don’t make red blood cells as fast as adults so she needed more this way instead. 

She’s been put on three antibiotics as a precaution for now until they determine the cause of her sickness and know which is best to treat her. 

Her feedings are being held so she’s back on nutrition supplements which are given through a PICC line. Yes, that was re-placed this morning as well. 

I feel just awful for her…  And there isn’t anything I can do to comfort her. I’m barely allowed to touch her, gloves and gowns are again required…

I really don’t know how people do this…  Just when I thought we were making headway toward home…  

9 thoughts on “LP Results

  1. So sorry Stef! Apparently, you are experiencing that roller coaster they speak of when in the NICU. You will have the downhill slope again soon and will go home with a healthy baby girl before you know it! Hang in there!


  2. Sending a big hug your way! It’s so tough and it’s totally a rollercoaster. Nothing worse than getting one of those early morning or middle of the night phone calls. Hoping she’s on the mend and you guys will be back on course very soon.


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