Postpartum Checkup

This morning was my six week postpartum checkup. It was quick and painless. Finally something was painless!

Physical exam was fine. My second degree tear, whatever that means, has healed completely and my uterus and cervix are back to their non-pregnant state. 

Before I saw my doctor the nurse had me fill out a questionnaire about my mood since Nora’s birth. Well of course I marked I’m sad most days, I feel discouraged, sometimes hopeless…  I’ve been taking 50mg daily of Zoloft for as far back as I can remember. I hate that I rely on something to make me feel ‘okay’ but such is life I guess. Could certainly be worse. After reviewing my questionnaire my doctor recommended increasing my dose to 100mg per day. She said very little transfers to breast milk and Zoloft is still considered safe when breast feeding.  I pray this to be true. So I’ll try this increase and see how I feel. I honestly think my sadness is situational and hope it improves once Nora is home and my life feels a bit more stable. 

Last on the agenda this morning was birth control. I’m still feeling like it’s pointless given the road which has lead me here…  My doctor recommended a progesterone only pill since I’m nursing. I’ll start it Sunday. I do want more children, but at this point I’m not sure my body should carry them.

When I left my appointment this morning I was asked to set up my next appointment, an annual exam in May of 2016. Um, say what? For the past almost two years I’ve had weekly, sometimes several a week, doctors appointments. Talk about a strange adjustment! I walked back to my car with an odd sense of finality. Odder even since this pregnancy is truly over but yet Nora is still not home. 

16 thoughts on “Postpartum Checkup

  1. There’s nothing wrong with using something to help your mood. This is very common and especially when you have a baby in the NICU. The daily roller coaster of emotions would be more than most can handle…worry about weaning once your sweet girl is home!

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  2. I am glad that you got a quick and painless appointment – small wins right? For what it’s worth, I also think it’s great that you are taking care of your psychological needs as well. As always, love to you and your sweet little Nora.

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  3. Glad you are all healed up. I’ve been thinking about the birth control conversation as well – can’t imagine myself taking it again given everything I went through to have a baby. Still thinking about and praying for you and Nora daily.

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  4. I’ve been wondering about birth control too. I think I’m going to take my chances though. I only managed to make one egg for the IVF so I probably don’t have that many left anyway. And A whole year without a doctor poking around in your crotch…I can hardly believe that day is coming, lol


    1. I haven’t yet decided if I’m actually going to start on the pills or not. If I am, I was planning to take the first tomorrow. I’m tempted to just say forget it though too. I mean, what are the chances!? And yes, a whole year, I won’t know what to do with myself!

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    1. I didn’t ask, but I probably should have… I do want more children, but obviously terrified at this point. I am seriously considering having someone else carry the next one, as we still have one frozen embryo. I just really want to avoid all this next time.


      1. It’s worth an ask. I am going this month and plan to ask. There is a new practice to give monthly progesterone shots to women who have had a preterm birth. Surrogacy is not something I am opposed to, but it is insanely expensive.


        1. I have heard it’s insanely expensive, but this NICU stay is up to $500K with no discharge date in mind, so that has to be a less expensive option 🙂

          I was actually thinking I would have done better if I’d stayed on the daily progesterone injections. We stopped them at 12 weeks and part of me thinks I really needed them to continue, as unfun as they were. When my cervix was found to be short they put me on progesterone suppositories, but I’m not sure those worked as well… We’ll see. I should have asked I guess.


  5. Just a quick note to say that the progesterone only pill may have an adverse effect on your milk supply- it certainly did with my daughter… Sorry, I know the last thing you need is unsolicited advice, just wish someone had warned me.


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