35w5d – Day of Life 47

  • Weight: 4 lbs 14 oz
  • Tube Feedings: 20 cc every 3 hours on a pump over 60 minutes (5.4 oz every 24 hours).  She is still having some residuals so slowly increasing the feeds.
  • Breastfeeding: We were approved to get back to breastfeeding and so far she has done awesome!  Yesterday at 5pm she took her entire feeding by breast and again this morning at 9am.  We are allowed to ‘try’ to breastfeed one feeding every 12 hours, or close there to, since I’m normally not here at night.  I’m honestly not concerned about her learning to eat since she is already doing so awesome.  Granted, we are still using a nipple shield, but it’s still a month before she should be born, so I’m saying that’s pretty darn awesome!  Hopefully she continues to gain weight as a sign she’s getting enough when breastfeeding.  The only downside to all this, I’ll need to be at the hospital even more than I’m already here…
  • Antibiotics:  Will continue to treat meningitis until May 13th.  Last time a repeat lumbar puncture was done 48 hours after antibiotics ended, so perhaps another would be scheduled for around May 16th, we shall see.
  • Respiratory: Back to room air, no oxygen support, and doing awesome!
  • Testing out a crib today, so far so good on her temperature!

Overall, lots of encouraging news this week!  We got off oxygen, back to breathing completely on her own, starting back at learning to breastfeed, is back to gaining weight, and overall, she’s just looking and feeling a lot better after starting treatment for her second round of meningitis.  Another MRI of her brain was done this week as well, looking for swelling or abscesses from the meningitis, but it looked completely normal.  I was sooooo relieved!  The ultrasound of her abdomen came back completely normal as well.  We are having to use glycerin again for bowel movements, but hopefully once her feedings increase and she is a bit older she’ll be a little more regular on her own.

Nora is starting to act more like a baby, and less like a fetus, and by that I mean she actually has periods of wakefulness.  Granted, she still sleeps most of the day and night, but the first few weeks of her life were almost completely spent sleeping, and now she has fussy times and happy times in between the naps.  That said I’m having a hard time knowing how to comfort her.  Does that come with time as a new mom?  I feel like it’s more difficult here when she is trapped in a glass box all day.  Even the soon to be crib is difficult and takes time to get her in and out, so grabbing her every time she fusses isn’t as feasible as I picture if we were home.  And honestly, what do you do with a baby all day in one room with limited access to ‘baby stuff’?

And the last bit of great information this week…  We got moved to a much nicer room!  Still in bay 3, but at the end of a hall, so we now have a big window, a couch, TV, and private bath.  Not sure how we got so lucky, but I’ll take it!

Below is a picture of Nora I took yesterday, and then a picture of Eric as a baby.  Do we see Eric in Nora?  I need to get a digital copy of me as a baby too to compare…

FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (14)

20 thoughts on “35w5d – Day of Life 47

  1. Glad to hear she’s doing so well!! Maybe the upgraded room will help her get stronger faster too 😉 good news is great!!! Nice work mama!


  2. This is a beautiful update! I see a lot of Eric in Nora. Isn’t it fun to pull out old pictures?! So thrilled you are in a more fancy room…you definitely deserve the upgrade.


  3. That’s great news! If it makes you feel better, even at home I wasn’t sure what to do with bella when she was awake. It’s not like they play when they are newborns! So I think that part is totally normal 😀


      1. Yeah no worries. That part is totally not unique to being a NICU parent! It took probably four months for her to even consider “playing”. Soon she’ll be home and you’ll be having the same issue!


  4. She looks a lot like Eric! And you will learn how to comfort her in time. My girl is 12 weeks old, and I am just now feeling like I’m getting the hang of it.

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  5. This update is so encouraging! I can only imagine how tough it is to want to comfort Nora yet be limited by circumstance. I am sure it will come in time and in a more natural environment. You’re doing so well all things considered.


  6. I know that it can take time to get her out with all her wires. Just think of it as practice for when you go home. You might be letting the dog out, making dinner, or even going to the bathroom. You will be amazed at what you cando one handed but there are times she will have to wait to find comfort. I’m so glad you have a nice room! Windows always helped us feel a little more normal.


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