36w1d – Day of Life 50

I’ve made it 50 days here. But I think I’m slowly losing my mind… I feel more and more stressed as each day passes.

Nora is doing very well, up to 5 lbs 1 oz now!! And she’s been a champ breastfeeding! Yesterday I fed her three times and she got one bottle overnight. If she does well with the same plan today we’ll advance to phase 3 tomorrow, which is me feeding her whenever she gives cues she is hungry, no more feeding tube. As wonderful as the progress is, I’m getting more and more anxious and nervous. More and more is being demanded of me here… Granted, she can have a bottle whenever I’m not available, but I’d prefer to limit her bottles so she keeps breastfeeding well. This wouldn’t be so bad if we could go home as soon as she can eat on her own… But we’re stuck here for her antibiotics until next week, and maybe then some.

Just this morning the remaining labs for Nora’s immune work up were drawn, but I think several take a week or more to get back, so no more answers just yet. So far all we know is that her T cells are fine. And they’ve been rechecking her igg level twice a week and so far it’s been normal.

And more good news, I was just told we’re moving to bay 4 today!! Another sign of progress! I expect the room to be similar to what we have now, but still nice to move on from bay 3.

So as for my stress…  I just feel like there is so much being demanding of me right now, I’m not really sure how to handle it all. And obviously Eric is no help, I’ve hardly even seen him in the past week! Allow me to elaborate on my stress…

  • Kona – Our poor puppy has been seriously neglected lately. Yesterday she was alone 12 hours since I was here feeding Nora. And today is Kona’s 5th birthday and I’m completely out of treats at home! How sad I haven’t even had time to stop at Petco??
  • Home – Our house is a disaster. I haven’t cleaned lately, laundry is piling up, the carpets are caked with dog hair, it’s nasty! I even submitted a request online for a cleaning lady, but I don’t even have time to be home for the consult!
  • New Home – I have an email from the builder asking me to pick out carpet, hard flooring, cabinets, and countertops. Um, when am I supposed to do that?? Most of the vendors I need to work with are out of town.
  • Mother’s Day – I’d like to get something special for my mom, but so far that has been put on the back burner too.
  • Rental – A renter texted me yesterday that she broke the dishwasher. Oh yes, I certainly have time to go get that fixed!

Just feels like a lot right now…

But check out Nora’s new crib!!


21 thoughts on “36w1d – Day of Life 50

  1. I love to read about Nora’s progress – she is getting so big!! I hope you can find a way to reduce the stress on you right now – I can only imagine how hard it is to juggle your time with Nora and your time with every other demand on your shoulders right now.


  2. as long as you keep breathing in and out calmly… even if calm is artifical…. it will get better. You are doing really really really well in overwhelming circumstances. Work at remembering this. It does help. AND, things will get better and easier.


  3. I’m glad to hear you called a cleaning company. Could your pup go to a doggy daycare once in a while? Might keep him entertained. You are such a brave and strong Momma. I would have completely lost it on my husband by now and demanded he help out more. Taking care of your precious daughter is enough for you right now. So glad to hear of more progress. I’m sure once you are home it will seem easier.


    1. Kona already goes to a doggy daycare but it’s hard for me to get out of the hospital early enough to pick her up before they close 😦

      Good news though, I called to schedule a consult for the house cleaning!


  4. Glad Nora is doing well! I can’t imagine how stretched thin you must feel. I feel the crunch, and I’m at home with a full term baby. My advice is to outsource as many BAU items as you can, that’s what I’d be doing. How about a framed picture or footprint of Nora for your mom? Still praying for you!!


  5. Aww she’s getting so big! Glad to hear you’re moving to bay 4!

    Sorry to hear you’re stressing about so much right now. You’re doing a great job with it all! Everything will fall into place with time.

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  6. She is getting so big! She is gorgeous! I’m sorry about all of the stress and I have no words of wisdom other than take a deep breath and remember you can only do one thing at a time! 🙂


  7. Sending you hugs and hoping today is a better day. Nora is really doing amazing…it’s so nice to read of all her progress. If only you could clone a few more Stephanies.

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  8. Hang in there and know that you already got your mom a special and amazing gift….Nora! You are doing all you can to keep her healthy and strong and that’s the best mother’s day gift you could ever give.


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