36w3d – Day of Life 52

I feel like this little chick is gaining weight so quickly!  5 lbs 3 oz already!  Nora is no longer a tiny preemie!

We’ve moved to ad lib feedings, meaning as often and as much as Nora wants, although never longer than 4 hours between feedings.  Her doctors are still recommending some supplementation to increase her calories, currently she needs 4 bottles a day with the fortifier and then the rest can be breastfeeding.  Totally not a problem as I’ve been sleeping at home and thus they give her bottles at night anyway.  So far she’s taken to bottles and breastfeeding equally well, no issues.  We’re still using the nipple shield, but I’m confident in time Nora won’t need it.  And I guess if she always likes it, so be it.  It doesn’t bother me, in fact, it’s probably more comfortable for me actually.  She is far gentler on me so far than my pump.  Finally, something in this process is easy!

We’re slowly doing away with more wires.  Yesterday they discontinued Nora’s lipids and IV nutrition which were both fed through her PICC line.  Two less cords!  She still has the PICC for the antibiotics, and will have that until we’re discharged; they run saline through it whenever she isn’t receiving a dose of meds.  We still have all the monitoring cords, but those will stay until discharge as well.  And then her feeding tube is still in, but the nurse said since we aren’t using it anymore, if she pulls it out they will leave it out.  No idea why they don’t just take it out…  But I suppose you never know when you’ll need it.  Basically Nora is just a normal baby here on IV antibiotics.  I’m feeding her during the day and the nurses take over at night.  She still sleeps a lot so I relax in her room, send emails, blog, text, etc.  And by relax I mean worry about her getting sick again once we are home.

Speaking of home, the nurse told me this morning we will be discharged as soon as the antibiotics are complete, which by my calculation is next Thursday, a week from today.  For some reason though I highly doubt they are going to yank out her PICC line and immediately send us on our way.  I’ll be happy taking Nora home next Friday or Saturday.  And now that I said that, there better not be any more setbacks.  I’m not sure how much more I can handle!

Lastly, I want to thank my mother and step-father.  Last night they stopped over to pick up Kona and keep her until Nora is home.  This is a huge relief to me, one less stress.  When I was at the hospital I was constantly thinking about when I needed to run home to let Kona out.  And when I was at home I was constantly thinking about how fast I needed to get back to the hospital for Nora.  Now I can spend more time with Nora and not feel bad for neglecting Kona.

15 thoughts on “36w3d – Day of Life 52

  1. So glad Nora is doing well and that breastfeeding is going well. I ended up pumping and bottle feeding because both me and the babe didn’t have patience for nursing :-/


  2. I’m so happy to hear about Nora’s rock star weight gain and breastfeeding. Excellent! And very glad to hear there’s a discharge timeline on the horizon. Your little fighter will be home with you and Eric soon.

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  3. I am so excited that they are even talking about a potential date for Nora to go home! I know you wont want to get your hopes up, but I just see it as such a good sign! And I seriously love that your loving family has stepped in to help with Kona!

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  4. Nursing as lib is a huge step…that’s big girl talk for feeding whenever she’s hungry!
    Almost a real discharge date. The light is shining brightly!!!

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  5. This news is amazing! I’m so happy to hear baby Nora will very likely be home in your arms in a week or so. That’s awesome! I am sure it is also scary in the sense that the worry of her getting really sick again is a force to reckon with. Still, this is huge progress and we are all hoping and praying that the next time Nora is sick it’s with a typical infant cold or runny nose. I’m also glad that Kona will be with your folks and not a source of guilt or worry for you. Yay!


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