Mommy or Daddy?

I’m still trying to decide who Nora resembles, if either of us…  Below is a picture of Nora taken yesterday, Eric’s newborn picture, one of my older sister holding me as a baby, and then my newborn picture.  I’m thinking Nora looks most like me in the picture of my sister holding me, my profile and hers seem similar.  What do you think?

FullSizeRender (16)FullSizeRender (17)

12 thoughts on “Mommy or Daddy?

  1. The funny thing is that they will change so much over the next year! When Annabelle was born everyone said she was my hubby’s twin because of her jet black hair and dark skin (he is Hispanic). Now, she’s as pale as I am and her hair is lighter, but she really doesn’t look specifically like either of us. Nora is looking amazing these days btw– love her smile– yay!!!


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