36w6d – Day of Life 55 – Mother’s Day

This is certainly not how I imagined my first Mother’s Day, but honestly, I’m enjoying my time here with Nora in the NICU.  I woke around 7am, as usual, pumped, of course, showered, drove to the hospital, grabbed an iced mint white mocha and true blueberry scone from Java House, and made my way to Nora’s room.  She was just starting to stir in her 4moms swing when I arrived, rounds just getting underway.  No changes today for orders from her doctors, at this point we are just waiting out the antibiotics so we can get home!  Still feeding ad lib, breastfeeding when I’m here and bottles when I’m not and overnight.  I did notice she lost 20 grams overnight so they want to make sure she’s getting four full bottles of fortified breast milk each day for extra calories.  I think we might switch to do one of those bottles during the day to make sure we get them all in over each 24 hour period.

I fed Nora around 10am, she did awesome, as usual, nursed for around 20 minutes.  She’s been back in her 4moms swing since, napping noisily.  They tell me it’s completely normal for preemies to grunt during sleep…  She’ll grow out of it soon, I hope!

I attempted to organize Nora’s room last night, but didn’t get very far before I was completely overwhelmed.  I have so much stuff, and since we didn’t purchase furniture yet, I have no real way to organize it.  I still need to wash all her clothing, I meant to start that last night, but that didn’t happen either.  I noticed I have a ton of onsies, but almost no pants.  I can’t really leave her legs out, right?  So I just placed another Amazon order for several pairs of baby girl pants/leggings 🙂

Eric arrived around 12:30pm with Panera in hand, he knows it’s my favorite, and a very cute Mother’s Day card from Nora.  He’s been asking me what I want all week…  I’m thinking perhaps an aquamarine necklace, as it’s Nora’s and my birthstone.  I think I’d like to pick it out myself though, so the purchase will have to wait a bit.  Something to look forward to.  Speaking of looking forward…  Plan is still to be released toward the end of this week.  These last few days can’t pass quickly enough!

Our plan for the remainder of Mother’s Day is for Eric, myself, and Nora to spend some quality time together here at the hospital 🙂  I might even find a way to have some pokie stix delivered!


12 thoughts on “36w6d – Day of Life 55 – Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Stef!!! Sounds like a perfect day even though it’s not at home.
    A discharge plan for the end of the week!!! Yippee! How exciting. That would be the best gift ever!


  2. Sounds like a beautiful and peaceful first Mother’s Day! You will treasure that scrap book page from the nurses I am sure. I remember my first mothers day well. Brunch from hyvee catered to Ronald McDonald, my scrap book page from the nurses and the chance to put avani on the portable monitor so I could get a picture of me holding both of them at the same time. Priceless! Hugs friend. Can’t wait for a play date.


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