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37w1d – Day of Life 57

I may have completely lost my mind, but before we get to that, some good news…

First, Nora gained 45 grams overnight!  We’re up to 2,455 grams, or 5 lbs 6 oz.  I was so scared she’d lose again, but she surprised me!

And second, I was told this morning that discharge will be either Friday evening or Saturday morning!  The infectious disease team wants us to stay for observation 24 hours past Nora’s last dose of antibiotics which I believe is Thursday evening at 5pm.  We’re getting closer to home!

In other news, another set of immune tests were drawn this morning.  And again, Nora was a champ, sucking away on her pacifier.  They needed more blood than usual, so from a vein rather than a foot stick.  She has truly been through so much in her short life thus far.  I’m quite unsure of all the immune tests ordered.  I know so far her T cells are fine, and her CH50 test came back normal, but beyond that, I’m not even sure what we are still waiting on.  I believe the test that was drawn this morning was DHR, but don’t quote me on that!  Hopefully Nora’s immune team stops by to chat before discharge.  Eric keeps telling me Nora is fine, that the tests they are running are for conditions so rare that only a few labs in the country test for them…  But I’m obviously still terrified.

So speaking of being terrified and losing my mind…  And no judgement here!  I ordered something to make me feel more at ease bringing Miss Nora home.  It’s a monitor similar to what they have in the hospital, but meant for home use.  Check it out here.  I realize it was probably unnecessary, but honestly, if $200 helps me sleep at night, it’s well worth it to me!

Nora is sleeping now so I need to follow-up on some discharge requirements, including review of “The Period of Purple Crying” and infant CPR.

16 thoughts on “37w1d – Day of Life 57

  1. I have goosebumps I’m so excited for you and Nora! Seriously, you are going to be home as a family so quickly!! Also, I totally would order that monitor too, peace of mind is worth a lot more then $200!

  2. Great news Stef! Keri and Dave got a monitor at home. Worth every cent for piece of mind !

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  3. This is a wonderful post. Many parents get the sleep monitors to help them sleep better! Must admit…I would have done the same. Ahhh…in just a few short days you’ll all be home as a little family!

  4. I’m so happy she’s getting so close to HOME! And I’m all for that system if it gives you peace of mind! I’d do it too!

  5. I have read the Period of purple crying
    And I live it with my purple (colic) baby. It is no bueno and I have been running on next to zero sleep. This article did not make me feel better other than knowing there is an end LOL.
    Great news on Nora though!!! Yayyyy!!!!

    1. Oh gosh, crying is no good. I have to admit that Nora rarely to never cries. Maybe it’s God giving me a break for a bit! I’m hoping things are better for you soon!

      1. Colic. Good times. All the amazing prenatal care added up to a hill of beans other than 10 fingers and toes. Sigh. I don’t know how single mothers afford $30 formula that lasts 2-3 days. Breastfeeding only lasted a week because the NICU he was in pushed bottles to hurry along removing feeding tube. Horrible experience there. Wow.
        So glad to see Nora doing well and home with you. What does the dog think? My pug is in love but our chocolate lab could care less hahaha

        1. Our lab acted as if she could care less for about a week but now she is SUPER jealous. She has to come lick my face whenever I’m holding Nora. Cute but annoying too!

  6. Oh, I hope you can bring your daughter home this weekend. I hope, I hope!

  7. I’m so glad to hear she’s coming home. And I don’t think you are crazy to order that monitor after all you have been through.

  8. So glad to hear she gained weight overnight! That’s amazing that your potential discharge date is just a few days away! I’ll be thinking of you. I’m heading out your way (outlet mall) next Sunday so if there’s anything at all you need let me know! 🙂

    1. I keep reading these comments way too late! Thanks so much for the offer 🙂

  9. That is great you will have Nora home this weekend! I can’t imagine how excited you and Eric are about that. Nora is a tough little girl! I love the new pictures on the website, she is so beautiful!

  10. So the purple crying video. Crazy but remember it. I walked Nolan to Amy’s, handed him over and walked away. No judgement. Have someone to call, you may need them someday. But seriously the video is awful .

    1. So far Nora doesn’t really cry. I fear it’s coming!

  11. I would totally buy that monitor! It’s scary to bring a baby home, and you’ve been through a lot. I’m so pleased that Nora is continuing to improve! XOXO

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