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37w4d – Day of Life 60

5pm today is the plan for discharge!!!  I’ll write a more in-depth update later, but wanted to share a few things that have happened over the past few days!

  • Nora continues to progress, she was up to 5lbs 7 oz as of yesterday!
  • She passed the hearing test with flying colors!  I was actually kind of worried since a side effect of meningitis is hearing loss.  We are truly so lucky with her recovery.
  • Eyes are still immature but there is no sign of damage from prematurity. We’ll have eye appointments every two weeks until I’m not sure when.
  • 90 minute car seat test was done yesterday afternoon and she passed with no issues.  Although I will say she was not a fan of the confinement.
  • One more immune test was drawn Tuesday, several are still pending, and there is one more they need to order but it’s really pricey so waiting on okay from our insurance.  So far the test results we have back were all normal, but I assume there is still a chance something could be ‘off’ with the tests not back yet. A followup appointment is scheduled with Nora’s immune team who will follow her closely for at least the next year, maybe longer.  She did get her two month immunizations this week as well, although one she couldn’t get (I forget which one that was) yet since it was a live vaccine and she needs to be cleared before receiving that, hopefully in a few weeks.
  • Last night at 5pm she received her last dose of antibiotics and then her PICC line was removed, and again, she was a champ.  Poor girl.  The infectious disease team wanted her to be watched for 24 hours off the antibiotics, so discharge is therefore tonight at 5pm pending all else is still well.
  • Nora is being enrolled in a high risk infant followup program at the University.  I’m not sure if it’s for all preemies or due to her two seriously illnesses.  They will follow her for several years, checking on development and progress.  I’ll learn more at her first appointment with them in a few weeks.
  • We have an appointment Monday afternoon with Nora’s pediatrician to meet and such.  Small world, Eric went to medical school with her.
  • Nora’s heart rate and oxygen monitor arrived yesterday.  I feel prepared now!  Clothes are washed, bottles are sterilized…  She does need four bottles a day with a fortifier (Neosure), therefore it looks like I’ll still be pumping some.  I need to figure out how that will work with needing to feed her as well…  Any advice, I’m all ears.  I’m thinking bottles during the day so at night I can just get up to breast feed her.
  • In other news, on Wednesday I went to Cedar Falls for the electrical walk-thru for our house we’re building.  I have a few pictures I’ll add to another post.  It looks way more like a house already than I was expecting!  Wednesday afternoon I met with several vendors and picked out flooring and kitchen counter tops.  For flooring I decided on tile for the bathrooms, master shower, and mud room, carpet for the bedrooms and stairs, and then a hard surface that looks like work but is more durable (since we have a dog) for the kitchen and living room areas.  I picked quartz for the kitchen counters, although I’m still not sure if granite would have been better.  I don’t really know the difference between the two.

Okay, I have more to share, but we need to get to the hospital for lots of last-minute discharge ‘stuff’.  Oh, and somehow I need to get home all my frozen milk they have been storing for me!  Wish us luck, I’ll update again soon…

8 thoughts on “37w4d – Day of Life 60

  1. What an exciting day! Have a wonderful moment as you leave the hospital and say see you later to all the nurses and doctors. Enjoy introducing Nora to her home and room! Today is a beautiful day to bring your sweet Nora home!

  2. So exciting! I can’t wait for the update with a picture of Nora at home!

  3. Good luck with the discharge! So exciting!!

  4. Such great news! Granite needs to be resealed, quartz does not.

    Exciting about the new house. Quartz is the only food safe natural stone countertop to my knowledge as it does not need revealing and therefore can be effectively disinfected like stainless steel. I loved and still miss Quartz countertops I had installed in our last house (we have stainless in our current home).

    1. Oh, good to know all this about quartz! I’m surprised the sales lady didn’t explain more…

  5. So exciting!! Wishing you much luck for a smooth transition home for you, your husband and Nora!

  6. Good for you!! I don’t know how you’re doing it all! My daughter was in NICU for only a week and I literally lost my mind!

    1. Well, there were lots of tears along the way. I’m so happy we’re home now!

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