I’m seriously thinking about signing up to be a donor…  I think I have about 2,000 oz frozen so far.  I’m gonna need another freezer soon! 


27 thoughts on “Breastmilk

  1. Teach me your organization skills! My freezer is a hot mess – I’m not going to know what’s what when I go to use the milk in a few months. I think I need to freeze the bags flat like you vs. standing up.


    1. Lol. I freeze flat in my regular freezer first and then transfer upright in ice cube buckets. They are organized by date and every other one is upside down since the zipper part adds bulk. Same with those in the door. I do the everyone other one flipped when I first freeze them so they kind of mold to each other to save space. And the Lansinoh bags are best as they are taller. I started with the Medela bags but they are way too short and get too wide when frozen.

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          1. Ok, I gave it a shot! Much better than my previous methodology. Too bad I have 100 bags that are little balls and don’t fit together. The side of the box for the bags even says lay flat for easy storage. My brain definitely wasn’t working a month ago 😉


  2. You should do it! I doubt you will need any of this with her since you are still pumping and producing a lot. I would see if you can find a local woman adopting an infant or something similar. I don’t have nearly that much stored, but I’m hoping to donate it to a friend expecting twins via a surrogate in August.

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  3. Go Stef, that is awesome that you have been able to pump that much!! There was just something on the news the other day how hospitals are looking for donors. If you have enough for Nora and can share some, go for it…. that is amazing!! Lots of babies out there that could benefit from it. A good friend of mine donated in Dubuque. I think all she had to do before he started the process was a simple blood test.

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