Long Time, No Write

The days keep getting away from me…  Today I didn’t even leave the house, and still the day seemed to fly.  I’m sure I have text messages on my phone I haven’t responded to!

I think I’m settling into motherhood, although I still don’t always know exactly what to do with sweet little Nora.  As I type she’s wiggling around next to me…  

Eric had the past two weeks off work and was a huge help during the days.  The nights, not so much.  Nothing wakes that man.  I fear I’ll never be able to trust him for an overnight with Nora.  Even though I’ve been taking all the night feedings, and most of the day ones too, I can’t complain, Nora is a very content baby.  She only cries while she’s eating.  Yes, during her bottles or breastfeeding.  We started Zantac a few days ago as her doctor believes it’s reflux.  I’m  so hoping she feels better soon.  In my quest to figure out why she was crying during feedings I purchased a few items.  Okay, a lot of items.  I’m now the proud owner of pretty much every brand of baby bottles on the market.  And different flow nipples for each as well.  And OMG some bottles have a ton of parts!  I think we’ve decided the Avent Natural are the best for Nora.  They seem to fit her mouth the best, as many others tended to leaked out the corners.  And bonus, they are easy to clean!

As for breastfeeding, I’m not giving up, but golly it seems more difficult than pumping and feeding with bottles since she’s currently crying through her feedings.  Like today I only nursed her for one feeding, well, part of one feeding, five minutes on each side and then I gave up and warmed a bottle.  I think if we weren’t fortifying her bottles feedings would be easier, even with pumping.  I’m convinced the fortifier is causing her reflux and AWFUL gas.  So aside from the Zantac, we’re also adding gas drops to each of her bottles.  I need to ask the doctor at our next appointment how long we need to fortify my milk…  I’m still making more than twice what Nora can eat each day, so I usually make one bottle for her from each pumping session and then freeze the remaining.  I’m going to have more milk than I know what to do with!  I assume there will be a day when Nora can eat as much as I produce though… currently she is only taking 1.5-2 oz every 4-6 hours.  I feel like 6 hours is a long time for technically a newborn, but my doctor doesn’t really want me to wake her much, as it’s when she’s sleeping that she is growing.  Apparently eating often uses a lot of calories and we want to conserve as many as possible.

The only other thing Nora is supposed to be taking is her multi-vitamin with iron.  I’m bad, I haven’t given in to her in several days, but she already seems happier without it…  She actually poops on the days I don’t give it to her, so of course she’s happier!  The fortifier has all the same vitamins and iron, so I’m not sure why we need to be giving both…  And plus, the vitamin tastes terrible and therefore it’s hard to get her to take it.  And it stains, so I pretty much have to strip her unless I want all her cute clothing ruined.  Hey, no laughing, I’m sick of the extra laundry already!

Tomorrow Eric goes back to work and thus starts my official life as a stay-at-home mom.  I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this…  I’m not at all concerned about taking care of Nora alone, as I’ve been alone with her plenty already.  It’s more the realization of what my life will be, at least for the next year perhaps.  Even with Eric home I’ve felt like all the days are now the same.  And all the days involve are cleaning and laundry.  I guess I’m just not sure how to make my days feel exciting, have a purpose.  Right now my time is consumed with feeding, pumping, washing bottles and pump parts, and then doing that all over again.  But I assume at some point I’ll find I have more time, and then what will I do?  I understand that taking care of Nora and watching her grow will be far more fulfilling than I can imagine right now, but what if I need more?

Alright, more later, as I need to shorten Nora’s talons before she scratches more skin off her face!

Oh, two pictures I want to share first, another proof of Nora I received, and my Monte glider/recliner that finally arrived from Canada!!

11357171_10153361242384367_1286297268645473924_oFullSizeRender (19)

19 thoughts on “Long Time, No Write

  1. I’m glad you seem to be finding your groove!! I am glad that you had a few weeks at home with Eric too, and yet I am sure you will be absolutely awesome when Eric goes back to work tomorrow. And seriously, she is absolutely adorable!

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  2. Cute picture of Nora 🙂 We do Zantac and vitamin drops as well. I sneak them in with a thin 1ml syringe while he’s taking a bottle… Maybe that would work for Nora.


  3. My daughter has the same pacifier in her mouth, but it looks so much tinier than Nora’s. But I think that’s just because Nora is so tiny!

    I did almost exclusive pumping from months 2-4, with about one feeding a day so she wouldn’t forget how to latch. It was hard to get her back to breastfeeding exclusively, but we did it, and OMG it’s so much easier now! It takes her five minutes to eat, if that. And I don’t have to wash any bottle or pump parts! So, I recommend trying to keep her breastfeeding a little. Some day soon it will be easier!


      1. I know. It feels never ending. But it will get better. My daughter is still waking the same amount or more than she did as a newborn, but it’s a huge difference now that it takes 10 minutes to feed and burp vs. an hour!

        And yeah, the biggest thing about us going back to EBF is not washing bottles. It’s such a huge difference! It’s been two weeks and I feel so free! So keep it up because it will get much easier. 🙂

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  4. she is gorgeous. beautiful photos. you will be so happy you did those. i have taken sooo many photos, myself, of our baby girl but i didn’t get any of these styled newborn shots and i already regret it a little bit. oh well, no going back now hahaha. you’ll find your groove. my husband is taking pat-leave until september and then i’m wondering what i’ll do with my days and her. we have lots of “mommy and baby” drop in centres. also stroller fit and mommy and baby yoga classes. nora is still very little so it’s not really for her but more for you to meet moms and get out of the house.

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  5. So great to see her looking good after such a rough start. Saw you are using those giant blue pacifiers. Try the little ones made for newborns. I can’t remember what brand I use but they work so much better! Same nipple shape as the blue ones but smaller and more lightweight. A little harder to find, but she’ll be able to keep it in her mouth by herself easier. I started with those blue ones and they just kept falling out!

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  6. I always smoke at all the aerobic baby movements! Nora’s paci is as big as her face…way too cute. That picture, oh my heart, what a precious girl!
    Don’t worry about your days home. You’ve got this mommy thing down. The cleaning, laundry, bill paying, etc will always be there, so when stress takes over just snuggle with Nora!

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  7. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!
    Thank you for writing.
    It will help YOU if you take her outside for a walk every day. She will enjoy it and it will really help YOU!
    VERY VERY soon she will be way more interactive and that will also change your days.
    Cheers and enjoy this time.

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  8. You’re allowed to want/need more! She will become much more playful of course! And you might do music class or story time at the library etc. but you might also want to volunteer or join a group for YOU cause she won’t be much of a conversationalist for quite some time! When they turned one I all of the sudden felt s big urge to Join Join Join and now I am doing some volunteering!

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  9. My baby is taking Zantac & gas drops too! But I’ve also noticed that she is *much* worse when I eat dairy, so I’m limiting/cutting out dairy and she’s improved. So Nora may well have an issue with the supplement & she may also be sensitive to dairy (from what I’ve read it’s very common in babies and even moreso in preemies). I really like coconut milk as an alternative!
    I’m in a similar situation as you–my husband is gone for work 2 weeks per month and even when he’s home I’m with the baby almost 24/7. She’ll be 12 weeks on Wednesday and we have finally established a routine (well *she* established it and now we’re both used to it). We hang out with the other moms from my prenatal yoga group once a week. Other than that I meet people for lunches once or twice a week while husband is gone, but it’s kind of a solitary life of just me+her+dog+cat. I go to the mall & walk around with her stroller (Target!) And I order a ridiculous amount of stuff for her from amazon.com (we have amazon prime) as my newest “hobby”. In 3 more months-ish she’ll have her 6 month vaccinations & then I plan to take her to my country club/gym and let her hang out in the daycare while I do a daily class (I miss my “gym friends” a lot). I will probably take her to the pool this week or next, but there’s a lot of kids (translation: germs) there and I’m not ready to expose her to the chlorine either, so we’ll just stay under an umbrella and chat with mommy friends. Nora is still small and her health is fragile, so I suspect you are probably protecting her the same way I am protecting my baby, which means not exposing her to a lot of people. But everyone says it gets easier after 6 months, and I believe that. Meanwhile, I soak up all the snuggles! XOXO


    1. We sound so similar! My favorite things are Target and Amazon, now that I’ve discovered prime!

      I did consider diary as her issue, but gosh, I love so much dairy, and it seems to be in things I never even thought it could be in! I have switched to almond milk to replace my usual milk, but honestly I’m still eating other dairy. She seems to be better, so not sure if it’s the prilosec helping finally or what…

      I feel like Nora and I go a ton of places, but mostly they relate to building the house as there is so much required of me right now to pick accessories and such. And OMG it’s so hard to do stuff with a baby! I had no idea! Does it get easier or harder as they get older??

      I’m very much looking forward to getting settled in our new home, and making some new friends in our new city. I need to make a point to involve myself, otherwise I’ll be sitting home alone with Nora all day everyday 🙂

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