June 1, 2015 – 11 Weeks

11 Weeks
June 1, 2015 – 11 weeks

Finally made it to my due date a week ago last Monday, which was also the official start of my time home with Nora alone.  And I’m happy to say I think our first week and a half together went really well!  And I really did mean to post this sooner, the days just keep getting away from me!  For now, this will be a short and sweet recap as I’m soooo tired…  Eric is in New Orleans for work, so it’s just me since yesterday until Sunday.

Monday – Ran a few errands with Miss Nora, mainly to purchase a few more bottles at Target so I don’t have to wash them all so often!  And now that Nora likes the Avent, I’m noticing they leak.  Ugh.  Such is life!  I’m convinced all stay-at-home moms do is wash bottles.

Tuesday – Gave Nora a bath, the first myself!  I have the 4moms tub and it’s surprisingly really easy to use with the temperature gage.  It fits perfectly in my kitchen sink but I think when she’s a little bigger I’ll move it to the tub for easier clean up.  Nora doesn’t mind her baths at all, in fact, she happily looks around while waving her arms wildly.  Still a bit hard with her being so small.  I put a towel under her to take up some space and make it easier to hold onto.  After her bath I managed to get pretty myself and be out the door by 11:30am to attend a noon breastfeeding support group in downtown Iowa City.  The support group was good, but golly those women made it look so easy.  I swear they just whipped their boobs out and their babies latched.  No, for real.  No smashing their boobs, no holding their baby’s heads…  They weren’t even paying attention!  I was a bit in aw as Nora isn’t there, not even close.  In fact, I haven’t been breastfeeding as much, maybe just one feeding a day, if even that, for several reasons.  For one, it takes her forever to finish a bottle, sometimes as long as an hour and even then she’s only taken an ounce usually.  Breastfeeding takes even longer and she rarely seems satisfied, even though I know I have more than enough milk. The support group leader did mention one thing I might want to try, a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), check this link to learn more.  It’s basically a tube you tape to your breast so that baby can nurse, but still receive the fortified milk thru the tube.  It looks complicated!  Has anyone had success with one of these?  More on breastfeeding later…

Wednesday – Chilled at home, I think, it seems like so long ago!  Cleaned the house some too, there is always something to clean with a big dog.  Seriously, does anyone have any secrets for keeping their house clean?  Kona keeps tracking in mud.  Do you all really wash their paws every time they go outside??  Who has time for that??  And the hair, oh gosh, the hair.  Maybe I just need to brush her more often.

Thursday – Met a very special friend and her daughter at Panera for lunch.  It was actually quite the touching lunch…  I met this friend through an IVF support group.  We actually met for coffee at Panera way back when, talked about our fears and hopes that IVF would lead us to our take home babies.  Surreal that we were both back together at Panera, our bundles of joy in hand 🙂

Friday – Last Friday morning was our weight check appointment at the pediatrician’s office in North Liberty.  Thankfully close to home since I feel like getting out of the house is now much more involved!  Nora’s weight wasn’t what we were hoping for, just 6 lbs 6 oz last Friday, meaning she only gained 3 oz in a week.  The doctor had a few suggestions…  Switch to a faster nipple, so we’re now at the Avent level 3 already, and limit breastfeeding, since it uses so many calories and we want most of her feedings fortified anyway.  I asked about the SNS, but my doctor didn’t recommend it.  She explained how even though it helps a baby associate eating with the breast, it doesn’t require the baby to suck, so it’s too close to tube feedings, which we don’t want to lean toward or encourage lazy sucking.

Saturday & Sunday – A bit of a blur.  Eric was off, and by off I mean not on call, although his pager continued to go off.  He ‘worked’ 12+ hours each day on his laptop.  So he was home, but not present.  I can’t wait for residency to be over, we are getting so close!!!!

4 thoughts on “June 1, 2015 – 11 Weeks

  1. I’ve been thinking of you and nora and have been wondering about an update. it’s so good to hear all is well for the both of you!! She is absolutely stunning!! I love your blog header photo of her!!!


  2. Oh my goodness you have such a cutie pie!
    Ack…I cannot keep up with the dog hair. Our yellow lab sheds like it’s his job! I swear it looks like I’ve sweapt up a small puppy every single day. I need good advice, too please and thank you!


    1. Ugh, yes, still struggling with my lab’s hair. It’s so gross all over my house, and being we’re moving soon I hate to think of getting the new place all dirty! I used the brush at the link below yesterday and I was AMAZED at the amount of hair I got out of her. And she loved the feeling of it, whereas normally she fights me brushing her.



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