June 29, 2015 – 15 Weeks (4 Weeks Corrected)

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I think I’m still in shock…  Eric’s residency is complete!!!  Six years ago we met and he was just beginning, and now, he’s finished, we have a beautiful daughter, and we’re planning a move very soon.  We are truly blessed!

The weeks are flying…  How is Nora almost four months old already??  In fact, I think Monday she is getting her four-month shots 😦  Speaking of, and believe me, I don’t want to start a debate here, as I know this topic is hot, but for just a second let me mention vaccinations…

Since Nora was so sick in the NICU, twice, an immunologist will continue to follow her for at least two years, perhaps longer.  During that time she will not be allowed to receive live vaccinations.  It’s been explained to me that live vaccines are safe for those with normal, functioning immune systems, but not necessarily safe for those with known or suspected weakened immune systems.  Since we don’t know the status of Nora’s immune system yet, as several tests are still pending, she is not allowed live vaccines.  That said, there are several that children her age would have either already received, or should receive very soon, those being RotavirusMMR, Chickenpox, and the Flu in nasal form.

Before I say much more, let me first say that while I understand each parent has a right to decide what is put into their child’s body, they don’t have a right to knowingly endanger mine.  As more and more parents decline vaccinations for their children, the society as a whole suffers, in my opinion.  The last I will say on this is…  If you choose not to vaccinate yourself or your children, please let me know and refrain from contact with Nora.  I just can’t stress enough that Eric and I would love for Nora to receive every vaccination available, but since at this point she can’t, I need to protect her from others who could potentially seriously sicken her.

On a happier note, our house seems to be really coming along!  I still don’t have a potential closing date, but I know the walls were painted Monday (yes I finally picked colors) and a preliminary appraisal was completed last week.  Below are a few pictures from the appraisal, if you’re interested 🙂  I’ll leave the interior colors a secret for now and surprise you all later with more pictures!

Back Front Side 2 Side

I must go clean bottles and pump, again.  Feels like all I do!

5 thoughts on “June 29, 2015 – 15 Weeks (4 Weeks Corrected)

  1. Congrats on Eric finishing residency – that’s an amazing accomplishment! And the house is looking great – I’m excited to see the colours you chose. As always Nora is adorable! And last but not least, I respect your statements regarding vaccinations and will make the exact same statement if my child is unable to have vaccines for some reason.


  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It will be fun to see the completed house.
    Thank you also for your statements re vaccinations and Nora’s situation with them. I hope the ‘herd’ in your area is smart and informed about facts.


  3. Yay, congratulations Eric!!!
    I couldn’t agree with you more about immunizations. I work with kids who receive treatment for cancer therefore they are immunocompromised. Those who chose not to immunize put my patients at risk for andisease that could easily kill them. It so scary for me to think that my patients who suffer enough with cancer could possibly die from a disease that is preventable.


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