July 6, 2015 – 16 Weeks (5 Weeks Corrected)

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Hard to believe my little peanut is already 14 weeks old!  Yesterday was Nora’s 4 month check-up and thus her 4 month shots.  She was not fond of them, and was a bit fussy yesterday, but we managed with some Tylenol.  She’s all smiles today!

Life still seems to be flying by.  I’m guessing you could have guessed by my lack of posts.  And lack of responses to comments on my blog as well.  I just don’t know where the days go.  Eric went to Cedar Falls today to meet with his marketing team, and it’s almost 7:30pm and I’ve yet to shower.  How is that even possible???  Is this normal??  I feel like all I accomplished today was a walk with Nora in-between feedings, diaper changes, pumping, feeding myself, and washing bottles.  Thankfully there is Royal Pains to pass the time while pumping!  I’ve made it to season 5, so perhaps I shouldn’t really wonder where my time goes!

Having Eric home the past week has been great.  He’s been attempting to study for his boards, but has been more than willing to take feedings or watch Nora while I run errands.  Being all alone again today made me realize how much of a help it is to have him here.  Eric did suggest a nanny again, not full-time, just some days to allow me some time to myself.  As much as I’d love a nanny, I feel a little guilty even looking into hiring one.  I don’t work, I only have one child, I should be able to handle this!  I don’t feel guilty about hiring a cleaning lady once we’re all moved though, that is a must!

Our house is still coming along, they estimate it will be complete the first week of August.  Eric starts August 1st so I assume he’ll stay in a hotel for that first week until we move in.  I haven’t packed or organized a single thing yet.  Eric’s contract includes moving costs, so I suppose I should look into getting some quotes for movers.  Oh, my to do list goes on and on.  I still need to pick out light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, and God only knows what else.  I fear daily the builders are just sitting there waiting on me.  I wouldn’t know if they were since I haven’t seen the house in over a month!

I know everyone told me motherhood was rough, but I never imagined such a huge commitment as pumping round the clock has put on me.  I suppose breastfeeding round the clock is no different, or so I assume, as I really wouldn’t know.  Nora was 8 lbs 3 oz yesterday, so we still have over a 1.5 lbs until we can stop fortifying my breast milk, and thus before I could even consider strictly nursing and not pumping.  Well, or at least attempting to do such.  I go back and forth on this.  It’s so easy for me to pull out a bottle in public and feed her wherever, rather than finding a spot to nurse her.  Although I guess I could still feed her bottles when out and about.  That would be mean pumping though…  Breastfeeding Nora continues to frustrate both her and I, but I’ll admit, it’s probably because it’s new to me, and her.  Some days I don’t attempt at all.  I decided to try just a bit ago, and guess what?  She did awesome at latching.  I had to do the whole sandwich thing for maybe the first minute, but then I let go and she was able to stay latched!  And she nursed for perhaps 10 minutes on that side with me only having to re-latch her once.  I guess I don’t have much to compare this to, but I’m calling this a huge success.  I feel clueless overall with nursing though.  I know how much in a bottle she will take every 3-4 hours.  With nursing though, how long does 10 minutes satisfy her??  It can’t be long, as it takes her MUCH longer to finish her bottles.  I would have offered her the other side, but she was falling asleep…  Maybe I’ll try again when she acts hungry next…

I’m not sure if other moms feel this way, but it seems like I’ve had a newborn for 4 months now.  Just this week I’ve started to notice some changes, Nora smiles when Eric and I talk to her and she seems to follow toys we hold in front of her, but otherwise, she’s still the same baby in the NICU.  Maybe I’m just too anxious.  Maybe I should focus on how amazingly healthy she is after all she’s been through.  And no, I don’t mean to rush her life, to wish her out of this tiny newborn phase, but it would be nice to feel like she’s progressing, that we aren’t stuck in the same stage forever.


30 thoughts on “July 6, 2015 – 16 Weeks (5 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I cannot comment on 90% of what you said here, but I do want to say, first I love Nora’s face in this picture. She is adorable! Also, I love my cleaner. Honestly, I will forgo the Christmas presents for the rest of my life if it means I can keep her! But, be warned it took us 4 or 5 different cleaners before we found one we liked and trusted.
    Also, I say if you think it will help get a part-time nanny! I think every mom deserves some mom time. I suspect it will help make you an even better mommy, and that’s only going to result in good things for both you and Nora!


      1. Trial and error. I interviewed them on the phone, then brought them in for “test” day whole I was at home since I didn’t want to leave our dog with strangers and our home with people we don’t know. Finally, after about 4 or 5 cleaners I found one we like.


          1. I figure it was worth the time because at least their bad job was better then nothing and cut down on my cleaning time.
            In the end, I found ours by asking our realtor if he knew of anyone. I figured realtors would often help people get their houses ready to show so they might know some good people. Maybe that’s worth a try for you right away?


  2. So, I fought really hard to re-establish breastfeeding with my daughter, and I will say that once she is older, breastfeeding is wayyyy easy in every area except in public. My daughter doesn’t do well with it, so I usually just nurse before we go anywhere. Tomorrow we are flying for the first time, so I’m taking a bottle. I still have an oversupply issue, so I keep my manual pump in the fridge and use that to pump thought the day. It’s so much easier than around the clock pumping. So keep trying if you can!

    It sounds like Nora is doing way more than my girl was at five weeks, but I really struggled with the newborn stage, so I get how hard this would be, dealing with a newborn for 16 weeks! It will keep getting better though. You are doing great!


  3. sounds like you’re doing just fine! she’s doing what she should be for her corrected age. i hear you on the round-the-clock pumping. i think it’s more time-consuming because of all the washing and everything else, since many babies who nurse eventually can finish a meal in 20-30 minutes. i’ve resigned myself to just nursing when both of us are not frustrated or frantic, and supplementing with a few bottles of formula a day while i start to build a freezer stash. i just started using freemie cups today to pump, and really like them. i feel like i can actually hold her and get some other things done while pumping. i haven’t managed at all how to watch a show while pumping!


        1. Bummer anyway. Although with the amount of pumping I do, it might be worth investing in another pump that does work with freemie. Although I will say, my pump is pretty amazing as far as hands-free and portability. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work with it!


  4. It sounds like she is right where she should be for her corrected age! I’m sure she will progress from here. As for the nursing thing, my girls are both fast nursers. Brynn only nurses for 10-15 minutes and is satisfied for 2-3 hours from that! If she is open to nursing then it really is easier. Instead of taking time to pump and then feed a bottle you can just nurse. Then use your stash to have a bottle if you need one while you are out.


  5. Yea he newborn stage just lasts much longer with a preemie! I have to say that I think nursing takes much less time than pumping. Sure newborns have to nurse for longer, but eventually nursing just takes 5-10 minutes. No pumping. Not bottles. No clean up. No washing. Always warm and ready! In the long run, nursing is less prep and less work!


  6. Nursing when you have an obligation to put extra calories in your baby (and not have her use up a bunch of calories nursing) is hard. I have the same concern about “how much is he getting?” and wondering if I really have to keep supplementing every time I breastfeed him (I’ve stopped doing it every time at night already) but I think it’s normal to wonder even if your baby is not as premature as Nora was and likely more so in your case as she is still so teeny. She looks great and sounds like she is thriving given all the setbacks she encountered in her early weeks.


  7. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to get a nanny! ALL mom’s need help! Full time stay at home mom’s DEFINITELY deserve help and a break! You have a lot of things that need to be done and that’s tough, especially with a newborn, not to mention that every mom deserves some time off even when she isn’t doing other household things–you deserve downtime!


  8. I’ve been neglecting my blog since Ana came home! It’s been a month and a half, wow, and so much has changed for you in that time! Nora looks so healthy. You’re doing an amazing job! Congratulations on her homecoming. Remember back when you weren’t sure if you’d be allowed to hold her? Seems like a lifetime ago already, doesn’t it?

    *big hug*


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