July 13, 2015 – 17 Weeks (6 Weeks Corrected)

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The weeks are flying by!  How it is the middle of July already???

Nora is doing really well, I’m guessing around 8.5 lbs now.  We have her high risk infant follow-up appointment Thursday morning so I assume they will weigh her then also.  Today was her hip ultrasound, required since she was born breach.  I’m not sure exactly what they were looking for but the radiologist told me Nora’s hips are immature, even for her corrected age, and thus he wants to repeat the ultrasound when she is 3 months corrected.  I assume this has more to do with her pre-mature birth and not so much the fact that she was born breach.  For the time being her doctor recommended having her wear two diapers so the thickness keeps her hips open and prevents her knees from touching one another.

Saturday morning, in the mist of trying to do 17 things at once, I spilled the milk I was warming for Nora.  Oh, and breast milk is really sticky!  Anyway, I decided I was just going to stick my boob in her mouth and forget about thawing frozen breast milk.  Well, it went okay I guess.  Not great, not awful.  If she is really hungry she was find a way to latch and does quite well once all settled.  She still pops off often and thus we start the entire process all over though.  Two feedings in a row I nursed her, but I’ll admit, neither time did she seem satisfied.  Maybe I’m just so used to her fortifier filling her up for hours at a time.  The other thing… I swear there is something wrong with her latch and suck.  She seems to have a lot of space on the sides of her mouth.  She leaks milk out, and I assume takes air in these spaces, which could be the cause of all her gas.  I did a little research online and came across some pictures of upper lip ties, and call me crazy, but I seem to think Nora’s upper lip resembles some of the pictures I found.  Below is a picture of Nora if any of you have experience with this.  And also below is a list of symptoms, and we have almost all of them.  I could hardly stand the pain from her latch Saturday evening, after only two feedings!  It’s almost like she bites down, with her gums, when she stops sucking to breath, I assume to try to maintain her latch.  I’m all ears for suggestions.  I’m going to ask about all this at her appointment on Thursday.

FullSizeRender (28) FullSizeRender (29)

I’m sick of washing bottles so I bought some of the Playtex Drop-Ins.  Not sure what I think of these yet, as they seem better geared for formula.  With breast milk I either have to thaw it and then pour it into these, or warm in from the fridge already in these, either way some work.  I’m trying to cut down on steps and dirty parts but with pumping and storing and feeding, well, I’m not sure the drop-ins solve my problem.  Willing to try them though!

The house is coming along, check out these pictures which were taken this past weekend.

Kitchen – Range/Hood
Master – Closet & Bathroom
Master – Closet
I assume a bedroom…
Kitchen – um, where is the rest of my island??
Another bedroom perhaps…
Front Entry
Lower Level Family Room
Deck, that seems like a lot of stairs!
Where is Kona gonna poop???

I’m happy so far, but very anxious for another walk-thru tomorrow.  I have to say though, the individual who is supposed to help me pick everything out… sucks.  She emails me almost daily with a new task, each time acting like I was supposed to be working on the selection for weeks.  For example, Friday it was stone for the fireplace, yesterday it was tile for the kitchen back splash.  Her emails are always like, what did you decide for such and such, and I’m like, lady, those weren’t included on your instructions for me!  How am I supposed to know everything we need??  Isn’t that her job??  And then of course everything takes forever to order and then she acts like it’s my fault if I take two days to pick something out!  And it’s not like she gives me examples or any direction.  This builder does complete custom so she’s always like, oh, you can look anywhere, online, wherever, just tell me what you want me to order.  Ugh…  Thursday I have to pick lighting, and gosh, I’m seriously at a loss.  Tonight I attempted to order all my appliances, which I’ve picked out, but the website crashed three times and emptied my shopping cart with 11 items, and honestly I’m just too tired now to add them all again.  And the sale ends tonight.  I might have to go to Lowe’s tomorrow.

Movers have been arranged, although we still don’t have a firm date.  Tentatively we are planning on the movers for August 7th and 8th as they want two days to move up, one to pack and the next to unpack.  Maybe that is next week’s task, to organize before they arrive.  Ya know, in-between picking out stuff I have no clue about.  Oh, just got another email, they need to know what I want for the railing down to our lower level…  This house is seriously supposed to be finished in two weeks and she is just now asking what I want for the railing???  I might lose it on her!  Notice my backyard in these pictures…  I was told sod would be in by the time we closed so I could get the yard fenced ASAP for our dog.

I’m sure there is so much more to share with all of you, but I’m tired and tomorrow will be another long day with the walk-thru and picking out the kitchen back splash.  Thankfully my mom is joining me to help with Nora!

15 thoughts on “July 13, 2015 – 17 Weeks (6 Weeks Corrected)

  1. Love your choices of paint color! You should ask your builder to build a baby gate for the top of your stairs on your deck. You won’t regret it. Just a suggestion.


  2. Hey! You weren’t kidding when you said time is going bye so fast! Nora is so cute, I love the weekly photos you have been posting. And the house looks so nice! I love the white cabinets and the colors you have picked out. Derrek was tongue tied and just got his tongue snipped last summer. The only way we realized he was tongue tied was when we went to the dentist because of the way his two bottom teeth were moving. I ended up seeing an ent for it and they were quite surprised to hear that I nursed him. They told me that infants that are tongue or lipped tied have an extremely hard time latching when nursing. The procedure to snip it was so simple and fast, all the did was put a cotton ball with a numbing agent under his tongue for a couple of minute then they just cut it. Derrek had no pain after and I noticed a big difference with his speech. They recommended that it was snipped after he lost his baby teeth and before the permanent one came in.


  3. Most local hospitals offer free breastfeeding classes – great way to get a good general overview. Also, you can always call your hospital and make an appointment for a one-on-one consult with a lactation consultant. They are excellent at helping with latch issues and can provide other useful tips and tricks. Have you considered giving her bottles only when adding fortifier and then breastfeeding the other times? This may help “nipple confusion” and cut down on the need to feed and then pump.

    It’s very common for LOs to eat as often as every hour and a half.

    If you go the bottle route – would highly recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles – only 4 parts to clean and they help with any GI issues as well.

    Would also recommend joining a weekly Mommy & Me class – they are free and offered through your hospital. They usually feature a new educational topic each week along with plenty of time for Q&A. They’re often led by registered nurses. I found the experience invaluable! It was a trusted outlet for me to ask questions each week and gain perspective in listening to other Mom’s stories. Great way to meet Mom’s with LOs that are the same age and another chance to get out of the house too!


  4. You can cut down on washing pumping parts by putting them in a ziplock bag after each use and throwing them in the fridge until the next use. Then you only have to clean once a day. Also, do you have microwave sterilizer? If not, get one ASAP, it’s a huge time saverz


  5. That is in fact a lip tie, and the things you describe are signs that it would have to be separated before she could nurse efficiently and without pain. They frequently occur in conjunction with a tongue tie as well. My daughter had both; I took her to an ENT who was experienced with them, and we ended up going twice but it was literally a five minute office procedure both times. My daughter’s was more severe than your baby’s, but I understand lip ties can cause dental problems later, and tongue ties for sure cause articulation delays, so sometimes it’s worth it to have them corrected even if you end up continuing to pump. Good luck!


  6. Huge hugs. Does not sound like the lady has her act together and is putting it on you instead of taking responsibility. I bet she is telling others you are not following through instead of admitting she is giving you 12 hours to make decisions.
    Looks very probably like enough tie to create problems for a premie baby in latching. Should not be tough to get that improved and make both you happier and more comfortable. Not needing to rely so much on pump and then bottle would really improve your time flexibilities and reduce your stresses.
    AND, you sound like you are being a wonderful mom. Congratulations.


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