July 27, 2015 – 19 Weeks (8 Weeks Corrected)

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Lots to say and so little time, so I apologize ahead of time for the bullet points, and random order as well 😉

  • Eric and I have given a lot of thought to Nora’s (suspected) upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie, but yet no decisions have been made.  Well, other than to have it corrected if necessary.  We’re still at a loss for who should perform the correction.  I know the lactation consultants I met with recommend a pediatric dentist in my hometown, but I’ve yet to call that office.  Eric knows how recommendations work…  you recommend who is connected to you, who is in your network.  And I’m not saying that means the dentist isn’t amazing, in fact, I’ve been told by many she is great…  I guess with Eric being a surgeon, knowing the amount of training he’s been forced to endure, there is just something that makes me want Nora to see a surgeon for this correction, rather than a dentist.  That said, Nora has an appointment on September 17th for a hearing test at the University… so I called today so see if we could be seen by a Otolaryngologist, as long as we will be in that clinic anyway, and so they booked us a clinic visit.  But that is over a month away.  I was so hoping to have the procedure complete much sooner so we can get back to focusing on breastfeeding.  Eric has a friend who is a resident in the department… he is waiting to see if his friend can get us in sooner.  I hate to say it, but it really is who you know sometimes…
  • I’ve been mainly pumping and feeding my milk in bottles to Nora for the past several days.  I guess I’m just a wimp because I’d rather do without the pain nursing her causes me.  I have used a nipple shield a few times, and I will say it’s much more comfortable, not perfect, but much better than without.  I kind of wanted to pump a few days though to see what my supply was doing.  I had been pumping about every 4 hours and getting around 32 oz every 24 hours.  I dropped down to pumping every 5 hours and now I’m getting about 24 oz.  Seems like a lot less, but closer to what Nora can drink since we aren’t fortifying as many bottles lately.  I’ve very curious to see if she is still gaining well,
  • I received an email this morning that there have been a few delays with the construction of our new house.  Movers have been rescheduled for August 14th and 15th now.  Eric is planning to leave this Saturday and stay with a partner of his for the foreseeable future until our house is complete.  That means I’ll be completely alone 24/7 for at least two weeks with Nora and Kona.  Not ideal, but we’ll manage.  I should probably get used to it, as who knows how often I’ll see him even after we’re moved.
  • Nora gets more fun everyday!  I love seeing how much she is changing already, how alert she is now, how she has more awake periods, her spiked interest in her mobile…  She still goes from happy to meltdown in 30 seconds when hungry or tired, but honestly, she’s a super good baby.  The extent of her crying is truly only a few minutes a day, if that.  She is sleeping well, 4-5 hour stretches at night, and after she takes a bottle at night she goes right back to sleep.  She’s already in size 1 diapers, although they are still a bit big on her, and we’re moving out of newborn clothing in Carters, although I’ve been told by many that brand runs a bit small.  I honestly can’t believe that preemie diapers were huge on her when she was born, although I guess she has tripled her weight now.  Just crazy…  And packing up her preemie clothing was so very sad.  In fact, I was holding her today while she was sleeping on my chest and I just had to stop myself, take a minute, and realize that I’ll never get these days back, that I have to enjoy them now.  So often I feel like I have so much going on that I’m missing what really matters…
  • I miss my friends terribly.  I feel so out of touch with their lives…  Everyday I tell myself I’m going to email them, or text a few, but here it is, another evening, and neither of those things happened today.  And the longer I’m home with Nora, the more I fear this stay-at-home-mom thing isn’t for me.  I feel like I’m so busy all day, but then I look back on my week and I wonder what I accomplished.  I hate that some days I don’t shower until 6pm, other days I don’t leave the house!  There is a world out there happening without me!  I love being with Nora, and I already can’t imagine someone else caring for her, but gosh, I just feel like I need more, a balance of her and something for me.  Is that possibly though, to combine the two…?

Ugh, tired, need sleep.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with my cousin, a Realtor, to list some properties!

11 thoughts on “July 27, 2015 – 19 Weeks (8 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I was going to suggest pumping less. Every five hours is much less overwhelming! I was doing 4 times during the day and once in the middle of the night with my manual pump (just so that I wouldn’t have to walk downstairs for a bottle!). And even then I was getting a lot more than she drank (around 24 oz, like Nora), so if I had kept it up I would have probably cut back more. If you have the supply, do everything you can to give yourself a break!


    1. I’m liking pumping every 5 hours, so much more time in my day, but now I’m feeling like my supply is dropping even more than it was when I first started pumping less often… I’ll trying not to freak out! I’m guessing I’ve been a bit dehydrated the past few days…


  2. Hey friend. Do you want a visitor? I have two crazy active toddlers and you have one tiny baby, so the logistics are going to be challenging. But I would love to see you and meet Nora and bring you some food!


        1. HAHA, I thought maybe you had an appointment in town that day! And it’s actually comforting to know it takes you an hour to get to Hy-Vee. I feel like it takes me forever to leave the house to do anything. Good to know it’s not just me!

          I’d love to get together sometime! Tomorrow morning I’m having Nora’s tongue and lip tie corrected… Hopefully it goes well and she isn’t fussy for days and days. When were you thinking, what’s your schedule like?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Good I am so glad you are doing that! We might be visiting a friend in Iowa city sometime next week but we won’t get together until 3pm. Maybe we could visit you on the same trip before 3?


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