Procedure Complete

Nora’s upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie correction are complete! I was up at 4:15am, but I’m happy to say we arrived ontime for our appointment!

I’ll provide more details later, but just wanted to share that everything went well. The dentist was very, very pleased with Nora’s increased range of tongue movement immediately after the procedure!

Nora looked sad when the dentist brought her back to me, but she took a bottle with only a tiny bit of fussing and then was all smiles on the way home! I did nurse her when we got home and I’ll admit, I didn’t really notice much change, but I’m told it can take a week or two for Nora to relearn how to use the muscles correctly. 

For now, Nora and I need naps!!

Nora immediately following the procedure
All smiles shorter after we left the dentist’s offce

14 thoughts on “Procedure Complete

  1. Did she not need to be put to sleep for the upper lip tie? Our ENT says that one requires general anesthesia, so we will likely wait on that one for a bit. Glad everything went well 🙂


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