August 10, 2015 – 21 Weeks (10 Weeks Corrected)

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OMG, I’m busy and feeling very overwhelmed.  Closing is Friday afternoon, the movers come Friday morning to pack.  I’ve been busy with last-minute details…  Eric called last night and said, there shouldn’t be anything for you to do since they are packing and unpacking us.  Oh men are so clueless.  He also didn’t know we had to set up utilities, and move the Dish, and set up an internet install…  All the things I do that he just assumes happen.  As of last night we didn’t have a hotel room for Friday night, as the movers aren’t unpacking us until Saturday.  It was the one thing I asked him to do.  Please tell me all men are this clueless.

Oh, and my contact with the builder is still annoying the crap out of me.  Yesterday she asked me where I wanted the switch for the garbage disposal.  Why did I think that isn’t something that goes in three days before closing?  And apparently the house can’t pass final inspection without a range hood… It was delivered last Friday, when my contact assured me someone would be at the property to take delivery.  Well, no one was there, and now it can’t be re-delivered until next week.  I’m not sure how we overcome this…  It’s more than I want to think about right now.

Oh top of moving I feel like I’ve been traveling, not far, but still, a lot with Nora, and always alone with her.  A week ago was her lip and tongue tie correction, 90 miles each way, which is finally healing I think.  Nora was SUPER fussy all weekend, which is very unlike her.  Saturday her and I went to see Eric, another 90 miles each way, and it felt like it was way more work than it was worth since she cried most of the day.  Then Monday I took Nora to meet my dad and grandmother, another 90 miles each way.  It just seems like so much for me since I take all my pumping stuff, and bottles for her, and find the time to pump on top of feeding her.  And breastfeeding is accepted in public, pumping, not so much, so I tend to have to find private places, which is a hassle.  I’m actually quite annoyed my dad and grandma couldn’t drive here to meet Nora… but such is life.  There are many reasons why I’m not close with that side of the family…  Below are pictures I got for her baby book though.  I did want Nora to meet them, even if I’m not extremely close to them, just felt like something that needed to happen.  (Again, I find myself doing what I think I should, and not what I truly want.)

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Today is my last day here to do nothing…  Feels really strange to think I won’t live here in a few days.  I took Nora for a walk yesterday and I was kind of sad to think we’ll be walking somewhere else soon.  Exciting yes, but a little sad too.

Tomorrow afternoon Nora has an appointment for craniosacral therapy, a recommendation from both the pediatric dentist who performed her tie corrections, and the lactation consultants who have been helping me the past few weeks.  If you’re not familiar, check this link to learn more, it’s the woman’s website with whom I was referred.  My very limited knowledge of it is…  light touch, like massage, that helps infants release tension.  Apparently it’s believed that Nora has a lot, since she was using the muscles in her face/mouth/neck/etc. to suck incorrectly for the past several months.  I’m very skeptical.  I always am when insurance doesn’t cover something, makes me think it’s bogus.  I don’t even believe in chiropractors, although I’m told this is nothing close to the adjustments they perform.  Eric doesn’t even know we have this appointment, as I’m sure he would think I’m crazy for even considering it. I guess if it truly is light touching, what harm could there be, other than my time and money…  Anyone have experience with this??

Sorry, no time to proof read, so I assume there are tons of errors…  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of Nora I thought were cute!

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11 thoughts on “August 10, 2015 – 21 Weeks (10 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I hope the move goes by quickly and doesn’t cause you any more stress. I hate moving, so I can only imagine how unpleasant it is with an infant in tow and a doctor husband! You might just be my hero for surviving the last few weeks and managing all of this. 🙂
    P.S. I love the photo of Nora smiling! She is adorable!


  2. Not all men are so clueless but clearly this works well for him. Not intentional on his part however just how his life has always worked. Some women are equally clueless.
    Nora is Adorable and thank you so much for making the time to post and share her with us. Shall totally be holding you with happy good wishes through this weekend. Keep breathing, fed Nora, change her, and let her have naps. You will then all survive whatever the chaos of this move is. All moves are chaos.

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  3. She’s getting so big and looks like she’s enjoying life. I’m so happy to see these pics considering everything you went through with her.
    Fussiness could be growth, mentally or physically.

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  4. Those pictures of Nora are priceless! I love the one on her belly where she has that HUGE smile. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed you must feel right now. Hopefully by this time next week things will have calm down a little. Good luck with Noras appointment tomorrow and with the move this weekend.

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  5. My comments seem to go AWOL. However, thinking of you and hoping the day goes well and that you get lots of rest this weekend. Nora is wonderful and I very much appreciate your writing.

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  6. Hey! I hope the move went well! The pictures of Nora are absolutely adorable. My sister-in-law Emily (I think you met her in Omaha) trained in Boston for craniosacral therapy and does it frequently for the kids at her clinic. She gave me a craniosacral massage once and it felt amaaaazing. I’m glad Nora will be experiencing such pleasure soon 😊

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