This is fun…

Since I can’t shower, or run the errands I need to, or pump in my own home for fear of a random man seeing me, I figured I’d use the time to finally update those who still find my life interesting 🙂

We are moved.  And we finally closed on the property, so it’s actually ours now.  Took a few extra days, but such is life.  At least the delayed closing didn’t delay our move-in plans.  And speaking of closing, this is the second house Eric and I purchased where I signed for both of us.  Funny to me, since he’s the only one working now!

My mom was here last week and helped me tremendously, an extra set of hands with Nora and Kona helps sooooo much.  We unpacked and organized the essential rooms, like the kitchen and Nora’s bedroom, and even got a handle on the bathrooms and guest bedroom.  Honestly though, the house still resembles one of those homes on hoarders.  Stuff everywhere, and oh, not a lot of furniture, as I still haven’t made the time to go look and get some ordered.  And no window treatments yet either…  Do you think my new neighbors watch me pump in the middle of the night?  Surely they are sleeping, right???

So I’m on my own this week, and feeling more stressed.  Our yard is still dirt, although the landscapers promise they are coming soon.  And as soon as we have sod I need to schedule the fence install.  For the time being though I have to walk Kona across the street to an empty lot for her bathroom breaks.  It’s a pain for me and for her and she obviously misses her space to run and play.  And why is it she always wants to go outside at the exact moment Nora decides she needs to eat NOW?  I’m only one person, with only two hands!

Eric hasn’t been much more help than he was as a resident when it comes to time at home.  He’s been busy and working late most nights, which I guess I should have expected, especially with a new practice.  I find myself doing the things I wish he was here to help with, like traveling back to our previous home, with Nora, to finish clearing out items from the storage room, some large items even.  Just totally sucks feeling so responsible for everything around here.  I mean granted, he’s responsible by working full-time and supporting us, but I feel like there should be more to his role than simply providing money.  He is awesome with Nora, and I’m so thankful for that, but even that time is limited.  I long for the days when he and I can just relax together with Nora…

So far my days here are a mix of tending to Nora and wandering the house, wondering where to start.  I go from room to room, seeing half empty boxes and random items placed about, and just feel completely overwhelmed.  I do need to order furniture, and that’s supposed to be fun, right?  But it feels more like a chore now.  And as Nora is getting a little older, the amount of time she spends sleeping is lessening, which makes running errands with her all the more difficult.  I still haven’t found really any time away from her, which must be wearing on me.  Eric told me to hire a nanny, but I feel guilty doing that when I’m not working outside the home.  And even if I did hire someone a few hours a week to help, I wouldn’t even know how to go about it since I was discouraged from taking a preemie to a center with other children for at least a year.

Oh right, so back to the fun part.  After the closing my builder stopped over to explain that there were a few items he wanted to redo in the house, items he didn’t feel were acceptable as completed by his team.  I honestly can’t remember all of the items, but below are a few, if you’re still reading 😉

  1. Replace granite kitchen island top, as it was ordered too short.  I honestly hadn’t even noticed, although I did wonder why the lights weren’t centered over it.
  2. Rip out tiled master shower and completely replace.  Again, I wouldn’t have complained about this, but I did notice several tiles weren’t placed precisely as they should have been.
  3. Replace several kitchen drawers as they don’t slide and close correctly.  Super annoying!
  4. Replace master bathroom counter top, raw edge is exposed.  Not even sure how this happens!
  5. Move air register in kitchen as it was placed in the walkway.  Who wants to step on that all the time!  The guy was already here though and said since the basement is finished they’d have to rip into the ceiling downstairs.  That sounds messy!FullSizeRender (45)

Okay, so you get the idea…  Some changes that involve some work.  They told me several contractors were scheduled today starting at 8:30am.  And right on time the doorbell rang!  So far one group of men unhooked my dishwasher and removed the faucets in the kitchen and master bathroom.  Another group of men replaced white air registers with tan and got some FanTech ventilation system to work.  They were also the group that was supposed to remove that kitchen register in the walkway, but decided they didn’t come prepared and would need to schedule that out in the future.  And another group just replaced the bathroom counter top… but apparently the other team has to put the faucet back in.  Um, I hope that’s happening today!  And I hope the kitchen will be all complete and working again soon!  And what do I do in the meantime?  Continue to hang out in my PJs??

In Nora news, she finally no longer seems like a newborn.  Five months is a long time to care for a newborn, I might add!  In the last few weeks I’ve really noticed a change in her, she is grabbing items and holding onto toys, babbling and cooing, responding more to Eric and me, acts like she’s actually paying attention when we read to her, chews on her hands, smiles at Kona, and the best part, she’s been sleeping through the night the past week!  We weighted her last night, she was up to 9 lbs 9.5 oz already!  And I think she is finally moving out of newborn size clothing!  I know I shouldn’t wish these days away, I should cherish all these fun moments of her being tiny, but I’m just so excited to watch her learn and grow!

Alright, I guess I’ll go wash some bottles in my guest bathroom sink…

11 thoughts on “This is fun…

  1. wow – sleeping through the night!!!! that is wonderful!!!! Claire was up at least once a night until she was over 1 years old….


  2. I also love your house and would like to see more pics at some point. The builder sounds impressive to come back and tell you he wants to correct things. I’m sure there are some that would never say a word…


  3. Wow…. seems like things have been super crazy!! I’m glad to hear your mom stayed with you last week to help you get settled, she probably enjoyed that time with you just as much as you enjoyed her being there. I can’t believe that contractor has to come back and fix all that stuff. Its hard to believe he would have over looked that, but at least he is taking care of it.
    Sounds like Nora is doing well. Its amazing how quickly your kid grows up right before your eyes. Each stage they go through gets better and better!
    Stef, don’t feel bad about getting a nanny or asking for help with Nora. Being a stay at home mom is a hard job. Probably the hardest job you will ever have. Its important that you still make time for yourself. It would be good for both you and Nora. Even if its only couple hours a week, that still gives you time for you….. and everyone needs it. Nora is really lucky to have such a great mom!!!!


  4.! You can post what you are looking for whether it’s three or thirty hours a week! You can do background checks! You can interview as many people as you like! You can even be specific that you want someone who has experience with babies or even preemies! Get your self a helper for a few hours a week woman!!

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