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September 7, 2015 – 25 Weeks (14 Weeks Corrected)

FullSizeRender (49)At what age do babies become more aware?  Well, ‘aware’ might not be the right word…  I swear Nora now knows that if she cries I come running to her.  As soon as I pick her up she smiles.  The little diva she is.  Case in point, her expression in this picture.

Nora is really changing, so fun to watch her learn and grow.  Yesterday when I weighed her she was up to 11 lbs 4.5 oz, which is 11% for weight if we adjust to her corrected age of just over three months old.  She’s ‘talking’ much more now, especially first thing in the morning and after her breakfast, reaching for toys, still sucking her fingers, and mine, almost non-stop, and almost giggling.  She’s always been a smiley baby, but there is almost a chuckle now sometimes when she smiles.

I’m hoping to accomplish a lot this week.  No promises, but I have some pretty high hopes!

  • Living room sectional was delivered today.  I still need to think about the rest of the items for this room, a chair, tables, lamps, pillows, decorations, area rug, and God only knows what else.

FullSizeRender (50)

  • Oh, and there is the rest of the house to furnish too…  I think it’s easier if I focus on one room at a time.
  • Sod was laid last week so I need to call and set up lawn care, and I assume the same company will provide snow removal this winter.
  • And now that we have grass I really need to set up a fence install, walking Kona every few hours is getting to be a pain in my behind.
  • Waiting on an estimate for someone to clean our house weekly.  No clue who is good around here…
  • That ad I placed…  Yeah, I really need to follow-up with the applicants.  I’ve been avoiding it because the task seems so overwhelming to me.  I received a lot of applications, and I think at least 11 sound really good on paper.  But now to narrow them down, ugh.

Oh dear, how is it 11:30am already???  I best get to my to-do list!

7 thoughts on “September 7, 2015 – 25 Weeks (14 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I love seeing her expressions every week! Her face is entirely unimpressed this week!

    1. Yeah, she wasn’t in the best mood, as it clear on her face!

  2. Nora is adorable.
    You will get through setting up in your new home.
    Nora totally has lots of patterns fully understood and expectations based on those patterns.
    Things will smooth out and you will meet more people and find friends. And some child care help will make a huge difference in your world.
    You are doing wonderfully well.

    1. So is this the time when I should stop always going to her right away when she is crying? I figure she always needs something though… but it’s very possible she already has me trained!

  3. I love the pictures you post every week of Nora. Its so fun to see her expressions and how much she is changing over the weeks. I also love your couch! I must say you are much braver than me by getting white. I had to chuckle with this post when you were talking about Nora crying then as soon as you pick her up she started smiling…. its amazing how they are so small but know exactly how to get your attention when they want it. Both my boys did that same thing. And it seemed they always did that right as I was in the middle of doing dishes, laundry or just trying to catch up on other things. Enjoy those times, she is growing up fast!

  4. I love your sectional!!

    1. Thank you! It’s comfy!

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