I’m actually not sure why these girls call themselves nannies…  They are just baby-sitters that come to my house.  That makes them a nanny?  I think I’d like my idea of a nanny better.  Someone that comes here and does more than just watch Nora.  Wait, is that a housekeeper?

So far I’ve talked with four individuals in person.  I have one more scheduled this afternoon in person, but I’m finding the more I talk to, the more confused I become.

Amber – She stopped over to our home Monday morning at 9am.  She got lost getting here, but what can I expect when our house is new and not on GPS maps yet…  Very sweet, easy to talk with, has a lot of childcare experience, currently an undergraduate student at UNI majoring in speech pathology.  She did hand Nora back to me when she started fussing…

Jen – This was a unique situation.  Jen home schools her children, she has two in school and then a 2-year-old she also has home with her.  She was looking to add one more child to earn a little extra cash.  She knows I was concerned about germs and not wanting Nora in a daycare center, so since her kids don’t come in contact with other children at school, thought this might work.  We met at a Starbucks and chatted for several hours.  She’s super nice, a pastor, as is her husband at a church in town.  She’s 41, and with three kids obviously has childcare experience.  problem is, she doesn’t believe in the flu shot for herself or her kids.  I really feel that with Nora’s immune background, she really shouldn’t be in such an environment.  Need to confirm with her pediatrician as well as the immunologist we’ve been working with at the U.

Kendra – Probably my favorite so far, my first visit this morning.  Has lots of childcare experience, very easy to chat with, we got along great, very down to earth and personable.  She made mention of the bottles I was using with Nora and did great holding her.  She’s also an undergraduate student at UNI majoring in early childhood development and already working a few hours a week in a nearby grade school.  She came prepared with a list of references.  The only problem with her, she’s really only available on Wednesdays.

Makenzie – A grad student at UNI majoring in speech pathology.  Particularly interested in preemies and already registered for an internship at the University of Iowa NICU next spring.  I felt like the conversation was a little forced with Makenzie.  I mean, she is very nice, seemed comfortable holding Nora but made a note that she watched twins in the past and felt very relieved when the parents arrived home.  The conversation just didn’t flow with her like it did with all of the others, although I can’t seem to put my finger on why…  Her availability is Wednesdays and Thursdays. She didn’t really like Kona in her face…

Alison – My last interview of the day, she’s on her way over now.  She has 7 brothers and sisters, and a set of twins in there, so lots of experience in her home but also with others.  I’m anxious to meet her!

So Alison just left…  Another one that was a bit hard to talk with.  She also got lost getting here, apparently our house is the only one on the street that has a 4 digit address, the rest are just 3.  Isn’t that odd??  So Alison, who prefers Ali, is a sophomore at UNI majoring in early childhood education.  She has seven, yes seven, brothers and sisters, and she is the oldest, so lots of experience there.  She seemed a little shy, soft-spoken even, but very sweet.  She was the only one who asked to hold Nora, which kind of impressed me.  And then Nora had to spit up all over her, twice, although it didn’t seem to phase her.  And she shied away from Kona, although Kona can be a little over-bearing.  She has lots of availability.

So… who do I pick??  I like Amber somewhat, Kendra a lot, and Ali somewhat.  They all have different availability though.  Would it be bad to pick all three, schedule them for different times?  Would it be too hard on Nora to have several different caregivers?  Is that confusing for a little one?  I guess my thought is, we don’t have any family here, the more people we trust to watch Nora, the better, as these girls are also offering evenings for date nights.  I guess I just don’t want to only say yes to one, as I feel like that really limits when we’d have childcare, should we need it….

14 thoughts on “Nannies

  1. Have each of the ones you liked ( Ali, Kendra Amber) come for one day/period of time where you pay them and you do things in another part of the house. Then you will know which, if any, you want back. Do not go with the anti-vax person because you cannot afford to have Nora exposed that way. It will be FINE for Nora to have two sitters and it gives you some back up/cross over so you aren’t at ground zero if/when life happens. Life ALWAYS happens.
    You are doing great!!!!


  2. PS: To them you are much older and sophisticated and … a mother! That can be intimidating and create shyness and make it harder to talk with them till they discover you really are not so very much older and are just a human as they are.


  3. I have not interviews any babysitters/nannies yet so reading your experience is interesting. I think they’d really be considered baby sitters. I’d consider a nanny more of a full time job where they are participating more.
    I’d be wary of the one who handed Nora back when she started fussing! That would have been a perfect time to show you she could handle things well. Every potential nanny should probably be handed a fussing baby just to test their skills.

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  4. such a hard choice. i honestly say go with your gut! details on paper look good and whatnot but you are going to be sharing very intimate parts of your life with this person. you need to really like and connect with them on a “friendship” level. i think, like wedding dress shopping, you can also see too many hahaha. they start to jumble together and you second guess your choice. what’s your timeline? when do head back to work?


    1. Yes, they already seem to be running together in my head. So here’s the problem… I’m not going back to my old work since we moved to another city. And I don’t actually have any work lined up for myself yet. I guess those aren’t really problems, but the issue is that these girls want a schedule, and I don’t really have one. I just want to have people in mind when I do need someone to watch Nora. Ugh.


  5. one concern I would have w/Kendra is that if she is around grade school kids she is also around a lot of germs… although if she is already immune to what they have not sure if she could carry it and pass it off to Nora? i bet you know a doctor that may be able to answer that. :):):) it is soooooooo hard to find someone to trust.


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