September 14, 2015 – 26 Weeks (15 Weeks Corrected)

I almost missed this week!

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Nora’s six month check-up was last Thursday.  Can she really be six months old already??  Her pediatrician had all great things to say!  Nora weighed 11 lbs 8.5 oz, so she’s still small, but following her curve which is very encouraging.  And she is 23 inches long, a full 10 inches longer than when she was born.  How is that possible??  And we got the okay to stop fortifying my milk!  Problem is, now that I could finally just nurse her and destroy my pump, I doubt she would nurse, as it’s been over a month since I’ve even tried with her.  At this point I’m feeling like giving up on that idea and just continuing to pump.  As much as that sucks, I’ve done it this long…  Would it be crazy for me to take that supplement, what’s it called again?  The one that increases your milk supply…  Would I be able to still pump every five hours or longer on it and just get more milk?  My idea is to keep freezing extra and thus quit pumping altogether soon.  I have an entire freezer full of milk, but I’m just scared to stop since food-wise Nora is really only a little over three months old.  In fact, her doctor said maybe we could talk food at her nine month check-up, three months from now when she’ll be six months adjusted.  I guess I’m just worried that Nora will take in more of my milk now that it isn’t fortified, and I’m scared I’m not making enough per day.  Right now she can eat everything I pump, and God knows I don’t want to go back to pumping more often.

Nora got four shots at her check-up, and I hate to admit I don’t even remember which ones…  You know, the ones they get at six months, well, not the live ones, and then she also got a flu shot.  She’ll need another flu shot in four weeks though, so I think she’ll get that at her follow-up appointment with her immune doctor in October.  I’m anxious for them to clear her immune system of any deficiencies…  Hopefully soon.  After Nora’s well baby check on Thursday she had a repeat hearing test which she passed with flying colors.  Apparently all NICU babies need repeated hearing tests their first year of life due to the noise in the NICU, you know, all those monitors going off constantly!  No really, that’s what they told me!

Nora discovered a new trick…  Spitting.  Check out this video…

Yes, she now does this ALL THE TIME.  Makes me laugh, but we’re getting some odd looks when out in public.

Nora is getting into a routine, well, sort of, which is nice.  I moved her to her own room a few nights ago, although she is still sleeping in her rock n play.  Her crib and other bedroom furniture is supposed to be delivered this week…  We shall see how she sleeps in her bed!  I so hope that transition isn’t impossible.  She’s still sleeping through the night and usually takes a few naps during the day.  She normally wakes around 7am, depending on when she goes to bed for the night.  I feed her, we talk and play a bit, and then normally she will take a nap which gives me time to shower.  Normally she will take another nap around noon, a longer one, two hours maybe, and then she is normally up until 5 or 6ish.  Problem with her wanting to nap then though is that I have to make a point to wake her by 8pm so I can put her back to bed for the night around 10pm.  So far this is working for us…  Praying it continues!

I haven’t made any decisions on a nanny/baby sitter yet.  I guess I need to email them today and at least tell them something…  My main issue is that they each want a schedule, at least an idea of a set schedule each week, and frankly I don’t necessarily have anywhere to be.  I want a sitter just in case, when I need one, and that doesn’t seem to be these girls.  Although maybe if I email each of them and lay out my concerns a few of them would agree to such.  Am I asking for too much?

Kona has been acting up since we moved.  I can’t blame her, she’s been through a lot of changes in the past several months too.  I mean, she is no longer the center of attention, we moved, she lost her yard…  The list goes on and on.  Hopefully this week the company we picked to install our fence contacts us, then Kona will have space to run again.  Speaking of, Eric is at the hospital now, but as soon as he gets home we were planning to take Kona to the dog park here.  I’ve been told it’s nice, we’ll see.  Dog parks always scare me though, as you never know the temperaments of the other dogs there…

Nora doesn’t seem to be in the mood to nap today…  Great…

17 thoughts on “September 14, 2015 – 26 Weeks (15 Weeks Corrected)

  1. She is adorable!!! I started taking Fenugreek about a week ago and have definitely noticed an increase in my supply. I’m hoping that I can freeze enough to make it to a year so I can stop pumping sooner rather than later. I have 2.5 chest freezers full right now but sadly that is only 5 weeks worth! It’s insane. The Fenugreek works for a lot of women, its worth a shot, it won’t hurt.


  2. Are there certain times of day that you would prefer to leave Nora or get things done? When you have more energy? Or when you feel you need a nap? Or a workout clas you like? Can you have them come at that time every Tuesday and Thursday for example? Is there one night a week or month that you could do a date night?


  3. Gah… she’s so cute and grown so much. I have no advice with feeding. I can’t breastfeed, don’t even produce milk so I was always amazed by your freezer photos early on…go you, you’re awesome!!! Hope you can get the care arrangements that you need… For the money you pay for good care I think you can stipulate the requirements you have and find someone to fit – they’ll be out there 🙂 xx

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  4. She is just such a cutie! Good luck with the baby sitter decision. I have the hardest time with those kinds of decisions! It took me almost a year to chose a new Family doctor!


  5. I cannot believe how much she has grown! She’s just so adorable!
    As for sitters, I say know your main criteria and don’t negotiate on those items. And then negotiate on the less important things. Maybe you can give them a schedule, but know that sometimes you might be home with Nora and the sitter, but you can get some at home stuff done.
    How did the dog park go? I’m always hesitant to take our dog to the off-leash park’s because not all dogs are well trained and she’s so big that if something ever happened she’d be the one who got in trouble, even though it would never have been her fault.


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