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October 12, 2015 – 30 Weeks (19 Weeks Corrected)

So much to say, so little time! First though, 30 week picture, and of course, more smiles!

30 weeks

Nora isn’t sitting alone yet but she’s doing a lot better with a little help.  And she has started pulling her knees up during tummy time.  I feel like she might be crawling before she is sitting.  Next Thursday is her next high-risk appointment at the University.  I’m anxious to see if they think she’s on track developmentally.  Next Thursday we also meet with her immunology team and I have several questions for them.  I want to know more about Synagis, an injection for high risk children which aims to prevent RSV.  For some reason though, I think it’s live and therefore isn’t something she can have just yet due to her compromised immune system.  I’m so anxious for her doctors to clear her for live vaccines, as she still isn’t allowed the MMR vaccine either.  And damn those people who choose not to vaccinate their children.  Do they have any idea what I would give to make sure Nora never contracts such an illness??  Her immune team will also give Nora her second dose of the flu shot on Thursday, so at least she’ll have some protection this winter.

I was looking back at Nora’s pictures, some of the first ones taken shortly after her birth in March.  I’m still in aw of how far she has come.  I weighted Nora a few days ago and she was up to 12 lbs. 9 oz.  Crazy that she has gained 10 lbs. since she was born!  I feel so truly blessed to have such a happy, healthy daughter.

I feel like life is finally settling down, Cedar Falls is starting to feel like our home.  I have five different girls that I trust to watch Nora and they come here and there throughout the week so I can get out and feel like I have a life.  We’re trying to start limiting Nora’s time in public with it getting colder and flu season approaching.  We are taking her to a family wedding this weekend… I so hope we don’t regret it.  I’m still attending MOPs on Thursday morning and very much enjoying getting to know the other moms.  I can definitely picture a few of them becoming quite good friends.

Eric has asked me twice now when we are having another little Nora.  Shocking isn’t it, since he was the one who originally thought we had years and years before we needing to start thinking about kids!  He is so stinking cute with Nora though, it’s no wonder he wants another already!  We have one frozen embryo, but honestly, I’m fearful of transferring that one, scared that it won’t implant and thus we’ll be back to square one.  A huge part of me would rather do another egg retrieval first, as the quality of the eggs are influenced by the age of the woman at the time they are retrieved.  So basically the sooner the better, even if they aren’t transferred for several years yet.  The thought of starting all over is very overwhelming though.  And adding to that the worry the thought of having another premature baby.  My OB/GYN is 90% sure I’d deliver early again based on my history and the reason for Nora’s early birth.  I don’t know what precautions they would take this time, if any.  Maybe bed rest, although it’s not proven to work…  How would I survive bed rest with Nora?  How do families handle it with a baby in the NICU and others at home?  I can’t even imagine.  And maybe I’m getting completely ahead of myself.  I just know I want more children.  But how…  We have considered seeking out a gestational carrier, but that process seems more overwhelming than another round of IVF.  And probably even more expensive.

Alright, off to pick up some items for this weekend out-of-town.  Side note, I keep complaining to Eric that my car is too small being Nora’s stroller fills the trunk.  Maybe this weekend he will finally realize we do need a larger vehicle!


5 thoughts on “October 12, 2015 – 30 Weeks (19 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I love how happy Nora looks in this weeks photo! She truly is precious!
    I’m with you on the vaccines, I just wish people would understand the science behind them and vaccinate their kids for the protection of their own children and for children like Nora who have to rely on the heard protection. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you and Eric.
    I hope you and Eric are able to figure out your next steps with adding to your family. I have no words of wisdom, but somehow I think you and Eric will figure it out. 🙂

  2. Synagis isn’t a live vaccine, it’s actually a specific antibody so she certainly can receive it!

    1. I’m so hoping she can!

  3. Sounds like you are doing well! I hear a lightness in your posts that was missing for awhile! Doing another embryo retrieval for the freezer is not a bad idea, whether you use a surrogate or not, because the older you get…! They would likely have you so weekly progesterone shots (totally different that the IVF progesterone protocol) with another pregnancy plus cervical length tests. So glad CF is starting to feel like home!

  4. A good friend suffers from incompetent cervix. She lost her first baby at 21 weeks. Had a cerclage and eventually had to be on bed rest with the next – her cervix was literally down to the stitch, but her baby made it to term. She has since had two subsequent pregnancies with cerclages, and both babies made it to term with cervical length to spare. I’m sharing all this to say 1) you may want to inquire about a cerclage next time and 2) every pregnancy is different and you may end up with some extra length. I’m with you, it’s hard to start thinking about another pregnancy when you had so many issues getting and staying pregnant with the first!!

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