October 19, 2015 – 31 Weeks (20 Weeks Corrected)

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Apparently some are bothered by my boring titles…  If you’re wondering, I write them this way so that I can easily refer back to them later…

So 31 weeks!  7 months and 4 1/2 months corrected!  Still not sitting or crawling, but working on it.  I think almost 13 lbs but I’ll get an exact weight on Thursday at her high-risk and immune checkups.  Lots more chewing on hands and everything else she can get into her mouth, including her toes.  I actually hate feet, but hers are so stinking cute!  I spent a lot of time today just watching her expressions, fascinated by her feet.

So truth be told I had five nannies as of this morning when I fired one.  Okay, well, not really fired.  She’s awesome with Nora and very sweet, but she’s so so quiet and hard for me to talk with.  Makes our communication difficult and uncomfortable for me.  So, she used to come every Monday afternoon for two hours and every other Friday afternoon for three hours, and I basically said I’ll call her when/if I need her in the future, no more schedules times.  Now I need to get rid of one more…  I just don’t need so many, maybe I’ll change my mind and want them back in the future, but for now, I’m trying to simplify things.

Remember how Nora’s doctors keep reminding me to keep her home, away from other kids especially and large groups of people in general? Well, I didn’t obey, I took her to a family wedding this past weekend…  And I feel like God is trying to warn me.  I have strep throat, thankfully she doesn’t, yet.  Being her nor I have doctors here yet (another bad on my part) I took her with me to a walk-in clinic yesterday morning after I woke with a TERRIBLE sore throat.  I get strep a lot, so I kind of figured…  I had a slight fever, and she didn’t, thank God.  So far she is acting completely normal other than a slight runny nose.  They told me to keep a close eye on her…  I feel like a bad mom though, like I didn’t consider her best interests in taking her to the wedding.  I guess I need to be more diligent as winter and flu season approach.

I have some other topics I want to mention, but saving those for a separate post.  Stay turned…

8 thoughts on “October 19, 2015 – 31 Weeks (20 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I was actually just thinking about you as we just got home from getting our flu shots.
    As always she is so adorable! I’m glad Nora isn’t showing any signs of being sick yet, and I really hope you get better really quickly and without passing it on to Nora.


  2. I hope she can escape the sickness. I’m dealing with a baby cold and teething right now and it’s not fun…going to write a post in a few mins about it.

    Don’t beat yourself up for taking Nora out of the house. No one can expect you to stay there 24/7.


      1. I feel like I’m late to the party with teething. For months we thought she was then she really started fussing more than usual two weeks ago and when I checked her gum I felt the one tooth that broke through. Tylenol has helped us out with it, just subsiding some of the pain so she can sleep. I also started using baby orajel naturals on her bottom gum and that seems to help too.

        My understanding is that babies can teethe for a while before they actually break through.


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