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Indeed pregnant, for now

When did I write last?  I feel like a lot has happened since…

I called a doctor here in Cedar Falls Tuesday afternoon and they scheduled HCG blood tests.  The first was done Wednesday at I think 22DPO.  Hard to tell this time since it not being IVF and my cycles a little all over the place.  I’m assuming ovulation was cycle day 14 and estimating my last period started on September 16th.  So at 22DPO my level was 499, and today, at 24DPO it was 614.  In comparison, with Nora my level was 189 at 14DPO and 448 48 hours later at 16DPO.  The HCG value should double to indicate a viable pregnancy, and since it didn’t, I’m guessing the end is in sight.  The office here in Cedar Falls wants me to come in Monday for another blood test.  I’m not thinking too positive at this point though.

Yesterday while I was in Iowa City for Nora’s appointments I had a chance to meet with my OB there and they did an ultrasound.  They estimated me at 5 weeks and therefore we saw what we expected on ultrasound, basically a black circle, as it’s too early to see anything else.  They scheduled a repeat ultrasound for 10 days out to check for a heartbeat.

My main reason in meeting with my Iowa City OB though was to decide where I would seek care should this pregnancy proceed.  Or future pregnancies for that matter.  I was a little discouraged by my OB’s advice.  Basically she said she could not recommend any providers in Cedar Falls who she would trust to follow a high risk pregnancy of mine given my history.  Some of her main points include:

  • No providers in CF (Cedar Falls) are accustomed to checking cervical length, which I’ll need weekly beginning at 16 weeks or maybe even earlier.
  • No providers in CF have enough experience, in her opinion, in placing a cervical cerclage.  In fact, only two providers in Iowa City place them.
  • The providers in CF will only deliver at 37 weeks or later, otherwise patients are flown to Iowa City.  Same goes for the babies, the flight team comes to pick them up a birth and transport to Iowa City’s NICU.  Just not equipped here to handle such small babies.

Shared care was mentioned, meaning perhaps some visits could be handled in CF.  I would definitely be put on weekly Makena injections, and perhaps those could be given in Cedar Falls at an office here.  Most visits though would need to be in Iowa City, including the delivery.

For now though, I’m guessing there isn’t much to consider for care…  I’m not hopeful this pregnancy is viable.  Easy come easy go?  I’ll update on Monday and let you know my HCG level and plan going forward.

14 thoughts on “Indeed pregnant, for now

  1. HCG rises more slowly the further along you are. I’m not sure what the cut off is, but I wouldn’t count yourself out just because it didn’t double when the numbers are quite high already. Hoping you’ve got one in there who will stick around for a while!

    1. Thank you. I hope so too but the nurse who called me didn’t sound encouraging.

      1. 🙁

  2. Prayers for a better outcome than you’re expecting!

  3. My friend is going through “beta hell” as we like to call it right now. Her initial doubling time was 100 hours! But between 5-6 weeks it finally doubled in 48 and they saw a heartbeat this week. She isn’t out of the woods yet but just some hope that it can improve.

    And I think shared care sounds like a good plan. Do any of the dumb appts at home and travel to Iowa city as needed. Certainly for the length checks, cerclage placement, and for delivery if it’s preterm.

    1. Thank you for the hope. Funny that I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant but now I’m already attached to this baby. I think I’m just trying not to get too excited for fear the end is near. Hopefully Monday brings good news.

  4. Praying all turns out how it should!! So sorry for the fear you must fear!!

  5. Same as first comment, my RE told me that after a certain point the hcg draw doesn’t mean as much because it stops doubling. Praying for you!

    1. Thank you… We shall see on Monday I guess!

  6. I agree that the doubling time slows down – fingers crossed for you!!!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 maybe there is still hope for me!

  7. Oh wow…I hadn’t checked the blog before this weekend and my jaw dropped when I saw this today! Congratulations! (I’d noticed that you didn’t have any wine this weekend but I thought you were just very strict with alcohol and BFing.) I’ve been praying for you and your baby…and hitting “refresh” like crazy 🙂

    1. Maybe this explains mil blowup. Hormones?

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