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Halloween 2015

Nora’s first Halloween is in the books!

Halloween 1 Halloween 2 Halloween 3 Halloween 4 Halloween 5

But as you can see, Cinderella was not the happiest of campers.  There was no trick-or-treating for our little one, we just dressed her up and watched her rub her eyes and whine a bit as we handed out candy to our neighborhood kids.  I’m a little partial but I think Nora looked pretty stinking cute regardless of her mood.  Hopefully next year we can walk to a few houses!

I promise to write more this week, specifically regarding naps, as I think I need some advice.  I’m a few chapters into Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D., but honestly, the further into it I get, the more confused I become.  Nighttime is not my concern, Nora goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm, depending, sometimes even a tiny bit earlier if she’s overly tired from poor napping, and sleeps through the night.  Napping is our issue.  I can easily get her to sleep during the day, usually for three naps if I’m home and not out and about with her.  But it’s keeping her to sleep during those naps that’s the issue.  How can she sleep 12 hours at night but wake after 30 or 45 minutes for each nap??  This book says that a nap shorter than an hour doesn’t count…  So according to this doctor, she’s basically not napping.  Today she did sleep over an hour in the afternoon, but probably only because she skipped her second nap of the day and her first was barely 30 minutes.  Oh, and she’s still in her rock n play, as she refuses to sleep in her adorable crib, which I really need to post pics of.  At first I figured I ruined her for life, but then I considered the fact that I don’t know a single adult that sleeps in a rock n play.  So we’re good.  She’ll move to a bed at some point 🙂  More on napping later this week but I’m all ears if you have any advice!

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  1. Just over 6 months and we’re still in the rock n play too! It’s tough to voluntarily give up something that works so well.

    1. I know! But Nora sits up in it now and I swear she’s gonna get out of it some night! Little stinker!

      1. Same problem here!

      2. My daughter basically twists herself out of it. It’s scary!

  2. I wouldn’t be too concerned about lack of naps. A lot of times children who take lots of naps, don’t sleep well through the night. My daughter has never been a big napper, but sleeps all night. For me, it’s more important to sleep thru the night versus naps in the day. If she starts to get cranky during the day, I’ll often take my daughter and rock her, turn down the lights and put on one of her favorite shows – even though she doesn’t necessarily fall asleep, it gives her a chance to wind down.

  3. The 45 minute nap is hard to move past at this age. I fought it and pushed her to 2 hours, but it involved a lot of crying and I’m not sure I would do it like that with another kid. The 45 minutes eventually lengthens to 1.5 hours or longer, so you might want to just wait it out. I would follow a one hour awake time, then put her down for however long she will nap, then start over. I think the most important part is not keeping them awake too long.

    1. Only one hour awake? Oh my… Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong!

      1. 90 minutes should be the max! I think that was the best tip I got from reading sleep books.

  4. Adorable! I am no help with naps/sledp training. BG has *me* trained, and only goes down for naps 1 of 2 ways: nursing + co-sleeping, or a car ride. XOXO

  5. Great pictures! Such a cute costume 🙂
    As for naps, Brian wakes after 45 minutes usually too – apparently infant sleep cycles are around 45 min. I have found that if I leave him, he will usually settle back for 30-45 min longer. Sometimes it takes him 15-20 min to settle though, he’s not upset, he just moves around in his crib. I think I’ve done him a disservice too by creating too much of a routine – lights out, sound machine on, similar times everyday… But you just have to find what works best for you 🙂

  6. OMG she’s adorable!!! Love the costume! ☺️

  7. P.S. The Rock ‘n Play is a godsend!!! Is it bad to leave it vibrating for too long? He looooves it!

    1. I’ve read that movement while sleeping keeps them out of a deep sleep. Apparently once they are asleep you’re supposed to turn it off. But Nora slept for months with it rocking all night!

  8. I’ve read two hours max for awake time, but if there are signs of fatigue earlier (crankiness, yawning, eye rubbing) time to nap. Mine is three months–not sleeping through the night yet, but not too bad for his age I think. I agree with K.L that as long as his night sleep is good/improving I don’t stress about naps too much (tho the time to do other things would be nice). He also does 30-45min naps during the day. I’ve read that’s a typical sleep cycle for a baby (adults are more like two hours). We usually get through two eat-play-nap cycles, then have to go for a walk in the afternoons to prevent meltdown and he sleeps on and off while we’re out. If I want him to sleep beyond the 45min I either have to let him cry back to sleep or let him sleep in my arms. Neither ideal. For the second nap I usually hold him if I think he needs more sleep and has cried more than 5min or so without going back down. I’m also confused why he can transition into another sleep cycle on his own at night, but not during the day. Go figure.

  9. Napping has been our problem too (as well as broken night time sleep). Since 2 weeks old, she’s never napped longer than 1 hour at time during the day. More like 30-45 minutes. I also was concerned as its not really considered napping. We recently stopped doing naps in the swing or bouncy chair and transitioned to napping in the crib. Took a couple of weeks for her to adjust and we’d often only get 1 our of 3 naps in the crib (the other naps were her laying on me!). But finally, finally this week she’s done every nap in her crib! AND>>>>drum roll please…she just took a 2 hour nap in her crib! That has NEVER happened. So my advice is to give it time…Isabel is almost 8 months old. It will happen and when it does, you won’t believe that your kid is actually napping! It’s a new and glorious world…but it took us a while to arrive.

    1. Lol, I’m very much looking forward to these so called naps over an hour I swear don’t exist! Since Nora’s are so short I feel like she’s always rubbing her eyes and I’m constantly putting her down for naps! When they are 30 mins you can get quite a few in each day!

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