November 9, 2015 – 34 Weeks (23 Weeks Corrected)

I honestly can’t believe that at five and a half months corrected Miss Nora is sitting and crawling.  It’s so fun to watch her learn…  Most of yesterday she would try to crawl and then stop, try again, move a bit, try again.  Just fun to watch her progression.  Honestly, she was most motivated to crawl to my phone, figures…  It was probably the first time that I realized how lucky I am to stay home with her…  Otherwise the daycare would have witnessed it all.

Speaking of daycare, I got a call yesterday that we are up on one of the waiting lists, an opening for January 4th.  Problem is, that’s still too soon, as we were told to keep Nora out of daycare for a year, and I’m fairly certainly her joining in the winter, at the high time of sickness, would be very bad for her.  I guess I need to call them, as I don’t really want to give up the spot completely.  Does anyone have experience with this, can they push me back a bit on the wait list?  And I guess we need to consider if we want Nora in a center, or perhaps continue with our current in-home arrangement.  Right now I still have four different girls that each come to our home for a few hours a week.  If I did go back to work I assume I’d have to find someone with more availability…  Lots to consider.

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