Could use some prayers

One of the specialists in Iowa City following Nora called today. It seems her IgG level was low at her last immune check up a few weeks ago. From what I understand, IgG is a protein antibody in the blood which fights viral and bacterial infections. If you remember back to Nora’s NICU stay, the first time she got sick with meningitis they found her IgG level to be low. At that time they gave her a transfusion of IVIG, basically IgG from donors. This transfusion is one of the reasons why she can’t have live vaccines yet. Anyway, the transfusion wears off so to speak, although at the time they assumed her own level was low because she was sick, and they expected her level to remain normal once she recovered from the original sickness of meningitis without her needing additional transfusions. 

Long story short, her level didn’t remain at a normal level. It should be around 300 and Nora’s is 92. So… We have an appointment Wednesday for more blood tests to recheck her antibody levels. It breaks my heart to hold her while they stick her several times to get enough blood. But the larger part of me is still scared she has an immune deficiency. 

18 thoughts on “Could use some prayers

  1. Wow, IVIG is a very expensive and rare treatment. I’m glad Nora has access to it. I do hope that this is just a passing issue and not something long-term. But if it is a chronic issue, at least there are treatment options. *hugs* XOXO


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