IgG Results

Have you noticed I used to write out these nice long blog posts, with lots of details, fancy wording, and correct punctuation?  Yeah, I guess that’s what kids do to you… no more time!

I think I left off last with the lab in Waterloo sticking Nora several times and getting no blood.  So this past Tuesday we all (Eric was still off from Thanksgiving) headed to Iowa City for the skilled nurses to suck some blood.  And get this, we got all the way there and they said that since they were only checking one type of antibody this time, they only needed a few drops of blood and could therefore just do a heel stick. I asked the lab in Waterloo and they said they couldn’t…  Ugh.  The trip wasn’t really a complete waste though, we had lunch at Monica’s and even had time to stop at Costco!

Dr. Bayer, the immunologist following Nora, called tonight with some so-so news.  A month ago Nora’s IgG was 92, this past Tuesday it was 99.  So… it didn’t drop, but it didn’t really increase either.  Dr. Bayer told us not to panic just yet, although she seemed concerned.  The jist of it is this…  At some point in all babies lives the antibodies from their moms wear off and they start making their own.  When this happens, all babies have a temporarily low IgG level for a period of time before their own immune systems kicks in and start the process of making antibodies.  Preemies tend to have a lower IgG level during this wearing off period than full-term babies simply because they had less time in the womb when the antibodies are passed from mom to baby.  That said, Nora’s level is still a bit lower than the level that would be expected for preemies.  So the plan is to recheck this level monthly until it either starts to get to a normal level, or the doctors determine Nora’s body isn’t going to make it, in which case, we’d begin IVIG transfusions.  Also, if Nora were to get an infection in the next several months, she would most likely need an IVIG transfusion at that time.  Dr. Bayer stressed keeping Nora away from those with current infections or other illnesses, as well as reminding us to wash our hands frequently.  So much for considering daycare soon 😦

That’s really all I know at this time.  The next check will be around the first of the year, so the waiting game continues.  In the meantime I pray Nora stays happy and healthy!

3 thoughts on “IgG Results

  1. Oh man! This would send my anxiety through the roof–I’m already sort of phobic of any situation where BG is exposed (like playing with other babies in our play group). I know this sucks (basically quarantine) but in the long run it’s so worth it if it spares her another hospital stay. Praying Nora’s immune system grows strong! XOXO


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