Nora’s 1st Christmas


What?  It’s the 26th?  How can Christmas be over already??  Wasn’t it just Monday and I was fretting over everything I had to do this week???

I’m not the only one who is sad once the holidays are over, am I?  I’m not sure I can explain why, I just went to bed last night a little sad that the day was over, that my family had gone home, that Nora’s 1st Christmas was complete.  I worry constantly that I’m not making the firsts in Nora’s life special enough, or that I’m not taking enough pictures to remember it all, or writing enough posts to share it all!  Do all mothers feel this way?  We didn’t do Santa this year, didn’t fill a stocking for Nora…  Were we supposed to?  What do other families do??  Maybe we need to start more traditions…

There is one tradition that Eric and I started several years ago.  It was actually kind of silly at first…  We just happen to go out to eat for Chinese on December 23rd of 2012.  And then the following year I was looking back at our calendar and noticed, and so we decided to do it again on the 23rd, and now we’ve done it every year since.  We usually just pick a Chinese place, doesn’t always have to be the same place, and nothing fancy, just something we’ve been doing now, and it was kind of fun to take Nora along this year for the first time.  Maybe next year she’ll actually eat something other than her (my) milk!

I guess I should back up though…  Our first Christmas celebration was with Eric’s family in Fort Dodge last weekend, December 19th and 20th.  We almost always celebrate with them the weekend before, and I completely understand why, so everyone can plan ahead and be available for the celebration, but…

Ugh, where was I?  Several days have passed and I’m just now finding time to write again…  It’s January 3rd already!

Okay, so with Eric’s family…  That celebration was way back on December 19th.  Seems like ages ago!  I loved seeing Eric’s brother and wife and daughter!  I so wished they lived closer.  I’m not close with the rest of his family though, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Eric was on call Christmas Eve and Christmas, so the plan was for my family to come spend Christmas day with us at our house, since Eric couldn’t really leave the area.  But that meant skipping a Christmas Eve get together at my aunts, which I had been looking forward to.  And yes, Eric told me to go and take Nora and have fun with my family, but it just seemed wrong for me to spend Christmas Eve away from Eric.  And I know I shouldn’t be like this, but it kind of ticks me off that I seem to be the only one making sacrifices these days.  Oh, this probably deserves its own post, but really.  Eric was on call over Christmas, but yet he still was able to attend all of his family’s celebrations.  Just annoys me I guess, my own issue to work through perhaps.

On Christmas Eve Eric did have to go into the hospital, both in the morning to round on his in-patients and in the evening for a procedure, but overall it was quite a nice, relaxing day.  We slept in, stayed in PJs, even took a walk as a family in the snow!  The falling snow was beautiful and it was actually quite warm!  It turned out to be really fun.  Eric even suffered through several Hallmark Channel Christmas movies with me.

Christmas morning Nora woke us up early, as usual, but that gave me and Eric the opportunity to make the food for our celebration with my family.  Eric really likes to cook but doesn’t always have the time.  My mom brought the majority of the food with her that she had prepared ahead of time, but Eric and I provided a few appetizers, a very yummy sangria, and a non-alcoholic punch option as well.  All were very tasty!

Nora actually surprised me on her first Christmas.  She is normally super into people-watching, loves to be in loud, crowed places, in fact, she usually seems bored at home with me, if that’s possible.  Can babies be bored?  Anyway, she seemed completely overwhelmed while we were opening presents.  Perhaps she just wanted to get down and crawl around, but between all the dogs, the people and kids, the mess of wrapping paper, well, it was hard to put her down.  So she squirmed and cried some.  Eric ended up taking her into her bedroom and reading to her a bit, which seemed to calm her down and cheer her up.  Once the bulk of the presents had been opened and the older kids resorted to our lower level we put her down to explore the disaster of wrapping paper.  The picture above is her enjoying the freedom of crawling about.

I honestly can’t believe Nora’s first Christmas is over…  Is this how all the firsts go?  And then the seconds?  And before you know it, they are graduating college???


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