No Blood… Again

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, I apologize, as you already know this…

Nora’s immunologist in Iowa City ordered monthly IgG levels, basically until Nora’s body starts making it, or we determine her body isn’t going to…  In which case, well, let’s not go there yet.  If you remember back to this post, we got no blood from a draw here in our new town and thus had to travel back to Iowa City.  Iowa City ended up doing a heel stick as their labs are high tech and only require a tiny amount of blood for this test, unlike here, so it was decided that from here on out we’d get a heel stick here in town monthly, mainly as convenience, as surely the labs here can’t f up a heel stick, and the blood would be sent to Iowa City for results.  Yesterday was our first such draw, and again, it was a disaster.  First the lab said they could do the heel stick but claimed they needed three little vials of blood, rather than just one Iowa City requires.  Which was dumb, as the test is being sent there, so I know only one is required.  So they tried but could only get one tiny vial from her heel, which involved two heel sticks…  They claimed her foot was too fat.  She doesn’t even weigh 14 pounds!  Nora had already been screaming for at least half an hour at this point. Next a 25 year NICU nurse comes and looks at the veins in her arms and swears she’ll be able to get blood from one stick.  I agreed to one stick.  No blood.  And technically it was one needle, but they stuck it in several times, moved it around, it was just awful for poor Nora.  I have no idea how other parents watch their kids go through so much…  In the past 10 months I feel like I’ve reached my limit.  I guess I need to call Iowa City and make an appointment for a freaking heel stick there.

I was fairly close to Iowa City today…  for a haircut with my old girl, who I love!  It was soooo good to see her, and so good to actually get a good cut.  Nora went with me, as no sitter today, and thus I thought about scheduling the blood draw today too, but in the end, it just felt like too much for me in one day.  Am I just a wimp or what?  We left at 10:30 this morning, it was a bit over an hour in the car there, fed her quick when we got there before my hair appointment, got my hair cut, thankfully this awesome girl who works there was free and loves babies and entertained Nora.  It was too perfect!  After my appointment we stopped to see my mom at work, and then headed back home, another hour or so in the car.  We got home around 3:30 I guess it was.  Just felt like a long day.  Nora napped in the car some, but cried some too, she was worn out despite the naps.  Seems anything outside the norm throws her off.

In unrelated news, Nora actually ate some solid food yesterday, for the first time!  It certainly wasn’t the first time we’ve given her solid food, but it’s the first time that I can actually say I saw her swallow some rather than immediately spit it all out.  And I’m not sure if it really counts as solid food, as it was those Gerber puff things, but none the less, I’m counting it as a win.  I was getting worried, as she was seriously pushing everything out of her mouth with her tongue, and I’ve heard preemies are more susceptible to food aversions.  I’m hoping that won’t be the case for Nora.  When it comes to solids I’d say we are leaning more toward baby led weaning…  It just seems so much easier to give her whatever we are having rather than spoon feed her some random liquid.  We’ll see though.  I’m certainly not against baby food.

Question for those of you with older children…  When did you stop using an infant carrier as the car seat and transition to one that stays in the car?  I know Nora is far from the weight or height limit on our infant carrier, as she is only 25 inches long and 14 pounds…  But our carrier weighs over 10 pounds, so with her in it, well, it’s getting really heavy for me!  Would I be crazy to stop using it already?  And how in the heck would I know what to buy?  So far I’ve been told the Britax Advocate Clicktight, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible, or the Orbit Baby 3G Toddler are all good.  Any thoughts on any of those?  Or others?

Any why oh why must Nora fight me for diaper changes now?  And to get her dressed or undressed, it’s a battle too.  Is this just how it goes?

16 thoughts on “No Blood… Again

  1. You can wait until you reach the height and weight limits for your seat. If it’s getting too heavy – she can still ride in it and you can just start taking her out and use the stroller or carry her — same what you’ll need to do when you move to the next seat. We transitioned to next seat around age 1.
    I would recommend taking her to a Babies ‘R Us or Buy Buy Baby and letting her sit in the display seats. I found a lot of the convertible seat straps hit my daughter at different places – one cut her off at the thighs instead of where the straps should hit. So it came down to safety ratings and how the seat fit her.

    Yes, diaper and clothes changing only get worse!


    1. I did consider just leaving her infant carrier in the car… It seems really hard to get her in and out of it though. Are the convertible seats any easier, or just as difficult? I guess that is more why I was thinking of switching too… Just seems like our infant carrier cradles her so much, she’s so deep in it, that it’s hard to reach in and get her in and out.


      1. The convertible seats do seem easier to get them in and out of.

        I also used the cart covers too! Great for protecting against germs.

        I found it was just too much of a pain to “wear” with getting in and out of cars, etc. especially as they get older they don’t seem to like to be that constrained.


  2. Our little one tries to turn over during diaper changes. It’s the worst, especially when there is poop! I’ve heard the infant carrier is the safest and you want to use it as long as possible, but that’s what buy buy baby told me (not a doctor). I would just consider carrying the car seat your weight lifting for the day 😉


  3. Congrats on Nora starting to swallow food! I remember also wondering when June would start swallowing food instead of spitting it all out. She also loves the gerber puffs. They dissolve so easily which is perfect when LO doesn’t have any, or only a few teeth. I too am considering switching to a convertible car seat. Lugging a 20+ pound kid in a 10 lb car seat is definitely a chore. If it weren’t winter I imagine I would have switched already.


  4. I put my son in a convertible seat at 8mo – he was getting too heavy in the carrier. We have the Britax Click tight Advocate & it has been great! No issues at all – we also had a Britax carrier. It just SUCKS bringing him in the cold though. Because of the no coats in car seats thing… but we are making it work.
    The convertible seats are safe (most of them) starting at 4lbs so you can transition whenever you feel comfortable. I have a friend who never used an infant carrier.


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