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Help is back!

Christmas break is over for the college girls who watch Nora, so I’m back to getting some me time.  We changed the schedule a little bit, mainly due to their class schedules.  Each day is a different girl, Monday Amber comes from 1-5, on Tuesdays it’s Makenzie from noon-5, each Wednesday is Kendra from 11-4, and then Thursday is Andrea from 8-noon while I’m at MOPs.  So technically Thursday is the only day I really have something planned to do each week.  The other afternoons I find things to keep me busy, like today, sitting at a coffee shop.  I need to run a few errands, get groceries, and then I was planning to go work out too.  Yeah, I know, I said work out.  You’re all shocked, right?  I joined Planet Fitness months ago and have yet to actually step foot into the facility.  I even joined online.  I’m hoping I can actually make myself go later.  Send prayers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about having these girls come and watch Nora.  I love them all and think each are good with Nora, so no concerns there.  It’s just that I kind of hate having them scheduled each week.  Like this morning, I would have loved to just chill and then maybe run some errands with Nora this afternoon, but since I knew Kendra was coming I had to get up, get ready, get Nora organized, clean up the house a bit, etc.  I guess it forces me to shower everyday!  There is so much I’d love to get done at home though, like clean, or organize the office…  Sometimes I feel like I’m just wasting my days away at coffee shops.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the time away to relax, but I end up feeling guilty.  There is a huge part of me that would prefer Nora go to daycare a couple of hours a week.  Perhaps then I could go back home and accomplish things there that actually need to be done.  But I assume daycare comes with other concerns I’m not even aware of…  And since Nora hasn’t been cleared yet by the immune team at the University, daycare is still out of the question.  I was hoping by her first birthday everything would be figured out and she’d be able to get the rest of her vaccinations.  We shall see.  This Friday we are traveling back to the University to have her IgG checked again.  I want nothing more for that level to be normal.

Oh, before I forget, I think Nora is finally getting her first tooth at 10 months (7 months corrected).  I keep sticking my fingers in her mouth to feel around and I’m pretty sure there is one just popping through on the bottom.  I tried to look but of course she is much too busy to actually open her mouth long enough for me to see anything.  I never thought I would be so excited about a tooth!  Kids surely change you!

9 thoughts on “Help is back!

  1. We are trying to figure out how to do child care when our little one comes home with us and I was thinking about using your strategy of different people on different days so we have more people to call in times of emergencies. Is it working well for you? I just cannot bring myself to put an infant in daycare, maybe eventually but definitely not for the first little while.
    Also, like normal, I just have to say how adorable Nora is! I cannot believe how much she is growing. 🙂

    1. That is exactly why I picked four in the first place, as it seems at least one is free on an odd weekday night or weekend when we need someone. So yes, it works very well from that perspective. Maybe it would be easier if I was working outside the home and needed the care each day… And while I say I’d prefer a daycare setting, who knows if I actually would, since I have no real knowledge of taking Nora to a center.

      She is getting big, finally, almost 15 lbs now, and my sitter just texted me that she has two teeth coming in on the bottom!

  2. We’ve taken both girls to daycare centers since they were 12 weeks old. But we are both working so it is more of a necessity than a luxury. They do get tons of colds though, so given Nora’s health concerns, I’d wait to consider that until her doctors say it is safe!

    1. I guess my main fear of centers is the amount of attention she would receive. When it’s 1:1 at our home I know she is getting lots of interaction… I assume it’s not the same at a center…

      1. Yeah definitely not. Around here, the typical ratio is 1:4 until they turn 1. The teachers do a good job at giving all of them attention, but its definitely not the same as 1:1!

        1. I think the daycare whose wait list we are on is 1:4 also… is that a state law maybe? I don’t know! Anyway, I see pros and cons to both. I’m just curious how she would do in a center not having a provider primarily focusing on her. I’m sure she would do fine, just me being a scared mom!

  3. Hope the blood work looks good!

  4. I actually prefer a center, as children get lots of socialization with other kids. Helps them developmentally too- as they pick up on skills by watching others.

    Why do you feel you need so much help during the week? Most who choose to be SAHMs do it because they want to spend the time with their children.

    1. I do want to spend time with my daughter, but I never meant to be a stay at home mom. I just don’t think it’s for everyone. I’m home with her because she was a preemie and thus isn’t allowed in a daycare setting with other children yet. I love Nora, but miss my career, daily adult interaction, etc.

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