February 15, 2016 – 48 Weeks (37 Weeks Corrected)

11 months actual and 8 1/2 months corrected…. and we finally hit 15 lbs.  And 4.5 oz to be exact!  This puts her at 10% according to the WHO (World Health Organization) and 5% per the CDC (Center for Disease Control), both using her corrected age.  So still small, but on the charts!  This Thursday are her next round of all day appointments at the University and I’m guessing they will get her length.  I’m anxious to see how tall she has gotten!

48.1 48.2 48.3

I’m still struggling with Nora to get her to sleep at night, and keeping her sleeping.  Although I’m beginning to wonder if she is more normal than I realize and that this is just 8 month sleep regression.  Anyone familiar?  I feel I shouldn’t complain, I don’t work, so I can relax most days even if I don’t get a lot of sleep at night.  But since she isn’t the greatest napper, rest during the day isn’t always possible either.  Thankfully she plays well on her own, keeps herself busy with her toys most mornings while I clean the kitchen, make her bottles for the day, fold laundry, etc.  Nora is definitely becoming more and more curious.  She likes to play in the cabinets, look in the garbage, tip over our stash of pop next to the fridge, etc.  Kona’s dog bed in front of the sliding glass doors is usually where I find her, there or behind the toilets.  Why the toilets???  It might officially be time to child-proof the house, as to date I haven’t done much beyond move the plants to higher ground.  Cords are her absolute favorite.  Ugh.  I fear the plugs for said cords will be her obsession soon.  For words I’ve really only heard ma-ma and da-da so far.  One thing that does worry me is that Nora doesn’t respond to her name.  I swore I read somewhere that at six months baby start recognizing when you are referring to them.  Well, I know Nora doesn’t have hearing issues, as due to her meningitis, we’ve had her hearing tested 10+ times, and it will be checked again Thursday.  So, is she just ignoring me??  The only other thing I can think of is her name is so close to Kona, which we yell all the time, maybe Nora has chosen to ignore both.

I’m still stressing about Nora’s first birthday.  Still no clue if we should keep it small with family at home or expand to friends and rent out a location…  I must start focusing on this, time is ticking!

Question to mothers with more experience than me…  Talk to me about how your baby eats and tell me if this is normal…  I usually give Nora a bottle first thing when she wakes up, some mornings she will drink up to 6 oz, other morning she’ll take little to none, pushing it away.  This morning she woke at 7:30am and drank only 2 oz.  She went down for a nap mid-morning around 9am and I offered her another bottle while I rocked her to sleep, she took another 2 oz.  She woke around 9:40am, so not the greatest nap, but didn’t want a bottle then.  Around 11:15am I offered her some Gerber strawberry yogurt, of which she took maybe 15 small spoonfuls of, so didn’t nearly finish the container, and then ate a few handfuls of puffs.  By 12:15pm she was super cranky already, so I laid her down for another nap and she slept for 2 hours.  That’s as far as we’ve gotten today.  So my questions…  How much baby food fills up a child weighing 15 lbs?  Is half a container of yogurt and puffs enough to hold her over for several hours?  I feel like I’m always trying to force the bottle on her…  Maybe she just really isn’t hungry.  Daily she is taking 18-20 oz of fortified breast milk plus any solids I can get her to take, which really isn’t much most days.  I usually offer her solids again when we eat supper, and then offer a bottle before bed, but again, it’s hit or miss if she takes any of that.  If she wakes in the middle of the night I offer a bottle and it’s these times when she is most likely to drink a lot, sometimes up to 7 oz, which is a lot in one sitting for her.  I hate getting in the habit of night feedings being she was sleeping through the night prior to the past few weeks, but since we want her to gain weight her doctor keeps telling me to offer her the bottle whenever I think she might take it.

***  I’m going to write a separate password protected post, I think tonight maybe, or perhaps tomorrow.  If you know me in real life please don’t request the password.  I really need to get some feelings out and perhaps gather some advice from others, but I’m just not ready to share with everyone I know just yet.  If you would like the password, please feel free to email me at stefaskeland@gmail.com and I’d be happy to share it.  I really do want some input and advice from others who might understand.  Thanks ladies!  ***

19 thoughts on “February 15, 2016 – 48 Weeks (37 Weeks Corrected)

  1. Ok, so BG is teeny tiny too–90th percentile for height and 20th for weight (she started out in the 6th percentile and only surpased 10th percentile after 6 months with the addition of solids–she looooves food). So congrats on Nora’s weight improving! I know what it’s like to worry about being in low percentiles.
    As for solids…I’ve been making my own purees from the start, and BG loves them. Just recently she started feeding herself solids (pieces of fruit, puffs, teething biscuits, rice, pieces of chicken, etc.) But I *still* give her purees to keep up her calories (and she loves them). I don’t know if this helps because every kid is different. But maybe try purees? You can buy the organic pouches at the store too–BG likes Elle’s and Plum Organics brands–you don’t have to make your own! I carry the pouches in my diaper bag. And at 8 months, BG was usually eating 5oz of purees at bfast, and 5oz at dinner–more when she wanted it. Plus nursing A LOT. We just added lunch in around 9 months, and then we were doing 4-5oz purees for bfast/lunch/dinner. Now at 11 months she’s taking in at least 5oz of puree each meal, up to 10oz, plus solids that she feeds herself. Even though she eats like a horse and still nurses often, her weight gain has slowed because she is now very active. Hope this helps! Holler at me with any questions! XOXO


      1. I bought a book called (I think?) 201 organic baby purees (or something like that). It’s good for ideas, but will say the cook times are too short so I cook everything longer so that the purees are smooth (it says steam carrots for 20 minutes, but I steam them for 35 or else there’s big chunks b/c they aren’t tender). I use a steamer a lot, but use the stove too (e like I steamed purple carrots tonight while I cooked blueberries on the stove). I love my kid co. food processor and my mumi and bubi freezer trays (bought on amazon). Besides fruits & veggies, I also make/puree chicken stew, beef stew, and a variety of beans (lentils, black beans, etc.) for protein. For these I use organic vegetable broth–great flavor! I freeze all my cubes & then label them in freezer bags. And make flavor combos (black bean, corn, mango) (apple, carrot, lentils, pears), etc. Hope this helps!


  2. Maeve is not a big eater either and, up until a few days ago, was a grazing breastfeeder. my dr. said to not look at what they eat each day but rather what they eat in a week. some days will be more than others and it all adds up in a week. some meals Maeve just wants 20 puffs, 10 yogurt dots, three little chunks of banana and half a slice of cheese. i stressed about it for a bit but recently I’ve just taken the mindset that if she’s happy, she must be satisfied.

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  3. Puffs don’t really have any nutritional quality, so if you’re looking to fill her up with food, rather than giving her a means to practice eating, I’d avoid them.


  4. So try to remember the saying “food before one if just for fun”. It’s for play and learning and introducing them to new tastes. But milk is really what sustains them. Probably around 12-13 months adjusted you will notice a change and her food will become actual meals and she will want them three times a day (or more!). As for the party I would advise you to do what we did for their first: family only. They just turned one, it was still technically flu and RSV season (MARCH 27) and we were still in isolation. My mom hosted and we had lunch and cake and gifts with the grandparents, great grandparents and aunts and uncles (so 17?). Now this year that they are turning two we are not in isolation anymore and doing a big party at the Y and sent 50 invitations! And it’s worth it cause they don’t feel fragile anymore and I am not stressed about them getting sick. Most people go crazy for 1 and tone it way down for 2. Do the opposite!


  5. I can’t decide what to do for Isabel’s 1st birthday either! Ugh. Either super small with just the grandparents or need to have it outside of our small house to invite more immediate family….


  6. She certainly looks tall. She is so sweet. I can’t believe she is almost 1 that seems impossible. I hope everything is going well with you. I won’t ask since I know you 😉 I worry about Collins weight and he is way over the chart just a different worry. I was always told if they follow there own curve that is what is important. She seems to be around the same percentile each time.


  7. So I’m that 2nd time mom. I got a cheap $20 ninja and made my own puréed food. Frozen veggies because I didn’t have a lot of time but am too cheap to buy real foods. Carly loved them. Add seasonings you would enjoy and she may love some crazy mixes. Remember that at Nora’s age she eats what she needs. If she is hungry or thirsty she will eat drink.. She doesn’t pickup on external cues to eat or drink yet, that is after age 2-3. Unless she isn’t peeing don’t sorry. Both of my kids are smaller and eat everything in sight. Nora seems very active but I know your concerns. One way to get those fruits and veggies if she wants to do it herself is to crush some puffs or Cheerios (or use the dust in the bottom of the bag) and roll the fruits and veggies to dust to give her something to hold or increase her grip. We offered each meal we ate and some days they ate a lot some days it was very little. Both are normal.


    1. Thank you… I am trying not to worry so much. Good idea with the dust from the puffs or crushing them, I will try that! The nurse at our high risk visit yesterday kind of made me wonder if I’m doing this all wrong… I’ll post about it separately.


  8. I can’t believe Nora is going to be one in less than a month, crazy how time flies! We have always just kept the kids birthday parties to family. Are you going to have your photographer take pictures of her diving into a birthday cake? I love those pictures… so precious!
    Also, I remember my kids going through stages were they wouldn’t eat much at all and made me worried. I think that is totally normal. Have you tried giving Nora a sippy cup with milk? I think I started that with my kids around 1. It might be an idea to try around diner time when you are giving her more solids.


    1. We are doing a cash smash with our photographer, so at least we’ll have good pictures of that! I am leaning toward a smaller party, mainly because I’m running out of time, and everyone I talk to lately is sick! I did ask the nurse at our visit yesterday after a sippy cup, but the nurse reminded me she is only like an 8 month old now, so that might be why she isn’t ‘getting’ it yet. I’ll keep trying with her though.


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