Birthday Ideas

A few ideas for Nora’s first birthday…  Which do you like/hate?  Hopefully you can see them based on this picture, and I think if you click the picture it gets larger.  Maybe…

etsy items

13 thoughts on “Birthday Ideas

  1. Oh please don’t pay those crazy prices on etsy!!!! I could seriously make you something way cheaper! I love the fabric tutu skirts and they are so easy to make. Pair that with a onesie, cricuit machine and iron on glitter – boom outfit made! I made Mackenzie’s and helped a friend make her daughters 1 year outfit. Message me on fb if you want more info! 🙂


      1. iwas looking at these sets but i ended up finding a sweet lacy pink top and gold flecked sweater at a local clothing store. going to grab a nice pair of light jeans to go with it. much cheaper than the tutu sets. $75 is quite a bit eh? I’m going to just incorporate the “one” aspect in a high chair banner.


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