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February 29, 2016 – 50 Weeks (39 Weeks Corrected)

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OMG, two weeks, and still no plan in place for a party.  I actually blame Eric.  Surprise surprise.  He planned a trip out-of-town with his brother to a March Madness game, the weekend of Nora’s birthday.  A guys only trip.  It’s only two days, I think, but still.  So still struggling with when to celebrate.  And my birthday is a few days before Nora’s, and wouldn’t you know, Eric’s work is sponsoring a hockey game in town that evening.  How nice of Eric to add, you’re invited.  Not sure it’s an event for Nora though, so…  We’ll see.  Nora and I might be spending my birthday, and hers, alone 🙁

5 thoughts on “February 29, 2016 – 50 Weeks (39 Weeks Corrected)

  1. I know one year is a milestone and a lot of people make a big deal of it. But, of all the birthdays Nora will have, this isn’t one she’ll remember. Don’t stress. Do someting to make it fun for you (big or small). Could be as simple as special/goofy pictures for the baby book, or Mama-daughter movie day. Party or not, Yay! You made it to one year. Smile. And happy birthday 🎂

  2. You won’t be alone, you will be together. But this sucks. Did he not realize the game was Nora’s birthday??

    1. Technically her birthday is a Wednesday and he’s going out of town the following weekend, but still. I feel like men should know we celebrate on the weekends around birthdays!

  3. Oh hell no! It’s not just the fact that he’s missing Nora’s birthday–he made plans to *leave town for the weekend* without even consulting you?! WTF?! That’s not how it works. And what’s worse is that he hasn’t canceled his plans upon realizing that his plans will screw over his family. Dude, I’d threaten to leave Mr. MLACS over that. Family FIRST. Hugs. XOXO

    1. I really wish Eric would think of more than just himself. I feel like I’m constantly reminding him of this, but then I continue to look like the complainer 🙁

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