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12 month check-up

Yesterday was Nora’s 12 month check-up with our regular pediatrician.  All in all, Nora is doing fantastic.  We talked about how we switched to formula rather than my fortified breast milk.  The doctor said that was fine as long as she continues to follow the same growth curve, which she is.  We will continue to offer some baby food and table food, but the doctor said not to stress, that formula at this point should still be her main food, at least until her due date, which isn’t until June 1st.  Side note, does anyone have experience with toddler formula?  We’ve using Gerber Gentle but I see there are several formulas that appear more geared for babies 9+ months.  Anyone use any of these?  I meant to ask the doctor, but forgot.

For stats, Nora weighed 15 lbs 12 oz, was 26.75 inches long, and had a head circumference of 16.8 inches.  Percentages are below in the graphs, based on her adjusted age.

FullSizeRender (77) FullSizeRender (78) FullSizeRender (79)

For vaccinations, we still weren’t able to do the live ones, so she still hasn’t received her MMR or Chicken Pox, but she is up to date on all others, which meant just two injections yesterday.  Oh, and a finger prick for a lead test.  Apparently that’s required at a 12 month check.  Who knew!  I’m kind of annoyed that we still don’t have her immune results back from the last visit, which was February 18th I think.  I realize the tests they ran are very, very rare, and that only a couple of labs in the country run them, but still.  I’ll have to call the University and see what the hold up is…

As far as development, Nora is actually on track for a 12 month old, even though corrected she’s just 9 months.  Honestly I’m thrilled, considering her bad luck with meningitis and sepsis in the NICU.  Remember all those posts of mine, fearing the worse, that Nora would never be a ‘normal’ child?  I guess our prayers were answered 🙂

And I continue to pray for wonderful progress!  Speaking of, she’s getting her third tooth, one of her top eye teeth, or whatever they are called.  Not one of the two front one next to those.  And… she has taken a couple of steps, just one or two on her own before falling, but still, a huge milestone!!!

9 thoughts on “12 month check-up

  1. Stef her growth looks wonderful!!!!! She looks more like you in her one year photos. I can’t believe she is getting so big;). I don’t have experience with toddler formula because we went to milk at 1 year but irbid recall our pediatrician encouraged us to follow what was on the can for recommendations.

  2. Nora is a miracle girl! A tiny, petite miracle. The 9+ month old formula has less calcium, phosphorus and iron. Otherwise it’s the same.

    1. Good to know, thank you!

  3. I’m so thrilled to hear that she’s doing great!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like she’s doing great! Awesome news!

  5. Gosh I cannot believe how far she has come. I remember all those ups and then downs down downs she went through in the nicu. It is so wonderful that she is a vibrant one year old now!

    1. I know… hard to believe she is doing so awesome after everything she has been through.

  6. I’m sorry I’ve been absent. Damn WordPress and its penchant to unfollow bloggers without my knowledge. This is such good news Stef. Nora looks and sounds to be amazing. You and Eric must be so proud.

    1. We are, and no worries, you have a lot going on in your life these days 🙂

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